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Founded and based in Zagreb, Croatia, Inlandia d.o.o. is a green travel agency, narrowly specialized for green and active holidays in the less explored Inland of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is the right choice for those who avoid mass tourism and prefer travelling in small groups, who prefer green and active tourism, agrotourism or simply something unique. With, you have a chance to discover inland hidden jewels and their stories. We will be happy to guide you to places and experiences that others might miss. It is a pleasure to design a personalized trip, tailor-made down to the finest detail around your tastes, interests and budget, with an absolute commitment to quality. Contact us with confidence. ~ The Team
Travel is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with the existence or the exotic. It is almost always an inner experience. ~ Paul Theroux "

Who is behind

Maria Knežević

Maria Knežević
Founder and CEO

My passion is a tourism on a very high level of professionalism. Beside discovering, exploring and offering something new and different, for me is also important to build Inlandia as a socially responsible company that supports sustainable tourism in continental parts of three small countries. Team Team
Experienced staff

People need travel advisors who respond to their enquiries quickly. If they are also helpful, friendly and reliable ... that's amazing service. The team behind Inlandia has all of these features. The agency with experienced staff and reliable corporate partners. Give us a chance to prove this to you.

Our Philosophy

Emotion, experience and story - this is the essence of tourism. Return to nature, the discovery of the indigenous way of life and revival of the long-forgotten senses – this is our philosophy on which is's offer based.

Our Philosophy Photo: pixabay / license free

Our Goals

The main goal of is to inspire people to travel and discover some amazing places in the inland of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, and through sustainable tourism to restore life in some forgotten destinations.

  • Return to nature
  • Authentic experience
  • Storytelling 
  • Encourage people to explore
  • Emphasis on enjoyment

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