Outstanding architectural and natural beauty

Bosnia and Herzegovina (abbreviated as BiH) is a treasure trove of architectural and natural beauty. The country where the East meets the West. Through a long and fascinating history, as an ancient intersection of Eastern (Byzantine, Slavian, Oriental) and Western (European) culture, it represents a harmonious blend of cultural and natural heritage and is one of the most diverse religious nations in Europe. The circumstances in which on its territory intertwined civilizations, religions (Islam, Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Judaism) and worldviews, determined the historical destiny of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a multicultural country with rich traditions and unique historical heritage. BiH is one of the last undiscovered regions of South-Eastern Europe. The hilly country is relatively sparsely inhabited. The wide expanses of wilderness and untouched nature (the half of the country is covered by forests) is a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers. Special attractions are, except mountains, numerous canyons and gorges of the river Una, Neretva and wild Tara - river with the deepest canyon in Europe. A visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina provides a truly unique experience.

  • Sarajevo - "European Jerusalem" - unique symbol of multiculturalism
  • Primeval Forest Perucica - one of the last ancient woodlands in Europe
  • Old Bridge (Stari Most) & Old City of Mostar – UNESCO cultural site
  • Medieval tombstones “stećci” - UNESCO heritage
  • Vjetrenica cave - the largest and best known cave in BiH
  • Tara River Canyon - the deepest canyon in Europe
Bosnia & Herzegovina

Worth visiting in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Historic town Pocitelj Photo: M. Obrenovic / Inlandia

Historic town Pocitelj

Nestling in the valley of the Neretva River, this national monument is one of the most beautiful cultural and historic units in Herzegovina. The fortress of Pocitelj (15th century) had a significant role in the defense during the war against the Turks, protecting the entrance to the lower Neretva valley. This beautiful medieval town is marked by its Oriental-Mediterranean architecture, which is preserved in a historical heritage such as Sahat kula (tower), Sisman Ibrahim Pasha's Mosque, madrassa (religious school), han (posting inn for caravans) from 17th century and House of Gavran Kapetanovic where is one of the first art colonies in Southeast Europe still open.

Blagaj & Dervish Tekija Photo: M. Obrenovic / Inlandia

Blagaj & Dervish Tekija

Situated on the cliffs above the spring of the Buna River as one of the largest and most beautiful karst springs in Europe, the magical town of Blagaj is really worth visiting. It represents the perfect harmony of nature and Bosnian architecture. High on the cliffs crouched Old Town of Herceg Stjepan, ruler of Herzegovina. The steep cliff above the river hides Green Cave - paleontological nature monument from ca. 4200 B.C. And directly at the source of the river stands famous 600 years old Dervish Tekija (Turkish House) - sacral and residential monument of Islamic culture from the 16th century, founded by the dervishes as a house of prayer and meditation which serves even today.

Kravice Waterfalls Photo: M. Obrenovic / Inlandia

Kravice Waterfalls

Impressive Kravice Waterfalls on the Trebižat River in the karstic heartland of Herzegovina is a place of exceptional beauty. One of the most revered natural attractions in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is located in the middle of a green oasis, near the road Čapljina-Ljubuški and not far from the village of Studenci. The height of the waterfalls is about 25 meters and the radius of the lake 120 meters. Kravice is a popular excursion destination. The best time for visiting is during the springtime or after heavy rain when the waterfalls are at their fullest and the landscape turns into a lush green. During the high season, there are in the vicinity several restaurants offering grill and fish specialties.

Festivals & Events

2024. 16.04. - 20.04.

Tourism Fair Mostar 2024


2024. 21.06. - 23.06.

Vučko Trail 2024

Sarajevo's mountain Bjelašnica

2024. 26.06. - 30.06.

Highlander Blidinje 2024

Uplands of the central Dinarides

2024. 27.07. - 28.07.

Jahorina Ultra Trail

Mountain Jahorina - Sarajevo

2024. 16.08. - 23.08.

Sarajevo Film Festival 2024


2024. 23.08. - 24.08.

Neum Underwater Film Festival 2024

Neum - Adriatic coast

2024. 30.08. - 03.09.

NAFF - Neum Animated Film Festival #19

Neum - Adriatic Coast

2024. 13.09. - 17.09.

AJB DOC Film Festival


2024. 22.09. - 22.09.

Sarajevo Half Marathon 2024



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