Lukomir Mountain Village Tour

Authentic & Highest Village in Bosnia

The isolated mountain village of Lukomir

HIKING | Full Day | 65 €  | Located at almost 1.500 m above sea level, Lukomir is the Bosnian highest and most isolated mountain village. It is situated in the Bjelasnica hinterland, on the 800-meter-high edge of the Rakitnica Canyon, with the most beautiful view of this impressive piece of nature.

The people in the Dinaric Mountains continue to live at the rhythms of the past, and this one-day hiking tour to the mountain village of Lukomir offers a unique insight into the authentic traditional life of Bosnian villagers.

This sustainable excursion:

  • offers a profound insight into a country, the Bosnian culture, and people who live in the high mountains for centuries and
  • enhances the understanding of local traditions and a local way of life.

The village is only 50 km away from Sarajevo city center.


Meeting point in Sarajevo City

9:00 AM - Meeting point in Sarajevo City

The meeting point for the day trip to Lukomir is in front of Restaurant Inat Kuca (opposite Vijecnica City Hall) at 9:00 AM where our vehicle will wait for you.

Arriving in Lukomir

10:30 AM - Arriving in Lukomir

After an hour and a half drive, we arrive in Lukomir, Bosnia’s highest and most isolated mountain village. The traditional way of life of these Dinaric highlanders is still present here, hand in hand with the more efficient use of resources, such as electricity and running water. This is the only way to preserve their shepherd's life by improving conditions in the village. On the edge of the village, you will be treated to a breathtaking view of Rakitnica Canyon, which drops 800m below, as well as the neighbouring Obalj and Visočica mountains. We will introduce you to the villagers and you can learn first-hand how they live in this beautiful but difficult environment.

Peruce Waterfall - Gornji (Upper) Lukomir

1:00 PM - Peruce Waterfall - Gornji (Upper) Lukomir

Next, we hike to the Peruće Waterfall. The stream Peruće, located 472 meters above sea level, flows into the River Rakitnica, making a beautiful waterfall which plunges into the river canyon in cascades from about 40m height. We are returning to Gornji (upper) Lukomir. At the end of the day, you will also have the opportunity to see and purchase local handicrafts.

Return to Sarajevo City

5:00 PM - Return to Sarajevo City

Return to Sarajevo around 5:00 PM.

- NOTE for prolonging this one-day trip:

For those who are more interested in experiencing village life and the secluded Rakitnica Canyon, we can organize an overnight stay and a 7-hour circular hike around Lukomir and Umoljani mountain villages. Contact us at for more information.

Departure days 2023: every Monday, Thursday & Saturday.

Other days on request.

Price: 65 € per person

  • The excursion price is based on a minimum of three (3) participants.
  • Individual guests can join an existing group.
  • Definite departure will be confirmed to participants by e-mail.
  • Participants interested in a private trip may contact Inlandia for an individual offer.


  • Transport from Sarajevo to excursion destination and back.
  • Professional mountain hiking guide (English speaker).
  • Meals: homemade lunch and snacks.
  • Coffee or tea during the walking trip.


  • Extra drinks at the location.
  • Travel insurance (additional health insurance, insurance against accidents, damage or loss of luggage and travel cancellation insurance). For more information read „Inlandia Terms & Conditions“, or contact us at
  • All other expenses not covered by the programme.

You need to bring:

Hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes are recommended, a day pack, 1 litre of water, rain gear, sun hat and a camera.


  • Green Card (if traveling to Bosnia & Herzegovina  by your own car).
  • Your passport or Identity Card (depending on the country of origin).
  1. Bjelašnica Olympic Mountain.
  2. Traditional life in the authentic village of Lukomir.
  3. Amazing Canyon of Rakitnica River.
  4. Peruće Waterfall.
  1. Olympic Mountain Bjelasnica is located only 25 km southwest of Sarajevo (a 20-minute drive). It is a part of the Dinaric Alps. Neighbouring mountains are Igman, Treskavica, and Visočica. Bjelasnica is covered with snow from November to May (hence the name, which is similar to eng: white mountain). The hinterland of Bjelasnica hides ten mountain villages where, before the war, about 2,500 inhabitants lived. The population is mainly engaged in agriculture and livestock breeding.
  2. The isolated mountain village of Lukomir is unique in many ways, especially in stone houses covered with shingles of cherry wood and the traditional clothes of its villagers. Lukomir is a 600-year-old village located at an altitude of 1,500 m, where the medieval way of life of the Dinaric highlanders is still present. Depending on the time of the year, you can see fields of blueberries, rosehips, certain types of mushrooms, thyme or other plant species around, which you can pick up for free!

  3. Canyon of Rakitnica River - it is not easy to find words to describe this unusual natural formation and so much beauty in one place. Rakitnica is a river that separates the mountains Bjelasnica and Visočica and leads other streams/tributaries into the Neretva River. Canyon Rakitnica is over 20 km long, and the depth is between 800 and 1000 m. It starts at an altitude of 1.120m. Firstly explored in 1956. Without a doubt, it is the longest canyon in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Very few people have walked the full length of it, as in some parts it can be over 800 m high and only one meter wide, making it very hardly accessible
  4. Peruće Waterfall - you can walk along the stream Peruće near Donji Lukomir to the point where it flows into the Canyon of River Rakitnica. At this place, you will enjoy the beautiful Peruće waterfall, which plunges into river Rakitnica in cascades from about 40 m height. In the past, there were several mills on the stream where the villagers grind grain into flour.

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