Neretva River Rafting

Exciting rafting experience in Herzegovina

Great rafting trip full of adventure

RAFTING | Full Day | 49€ | Bosnia and Herzegovina. An exciting rafting adventure on the Neretva River - the emerald of Bosnia & Herzegovina. It flows over 200 kilometers from its source into the Adriatic sea. The people in Herzegovina are proud of their river. It is one of the most beautiful rivers in Western Balkans.

The spectacular canyon and gorges with many small cascades, lakes, and rapids are a favorite area for white-water rafting trips. This corner of Herzegovina is a real paradise for rafters.

Our licensed rafting guides are experienced skippers, who have an excellent knowledge of techniques and tactics for riding wild waters. They are ready to guide complete beginners, as well as those more experienced.

Rafting route from Glavatićevo over many rapids to the waterfall Džajića buk is undoubtedly the most exciting thing and a highlight of many trips to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Western Balkans.


Starting point in Konjic

10:00 AM - Starting point in Konjic

The starting point for the Neretva rafting day-trip is in Konjic 10:00 AM. Our rafting skipper will provide you with all the needed instructions for the rafting. Transport to the rafting starting point Glavatičevo takes around 40 minutes. During the ride, you will enjoy a mountain road and wild surroundings. We will also pass over Boračko Lake. Arriving at the rafting location you will get the needed equipment. NOTE: There is an option for transfer from Sarajevo to Konjic and back. Transfer is on request (additional charge).

Rafting – start

11:30 AM - Rafting – start

We will start our rafting in the upper canyon of Neretva River where you can expect deep canyon walls, innumerable small cascades, and rapids, endemic flora, and fauna. This part of the Neretva River offers some of the most exciting whitewater river rafting in Europe. Our modernly equipped team is ready to guide complete beginners, as well as those more experienced. This is a trip doable by all. The water is very calm during late summer, and the trip provides many opportunities to enjoy the canyon and its unique blue/green color of Neretva. The length of our rafting tour is 23km.

Rafting downstream

Early afternoon - Rafting downstream

Down the rafting route, we will pass through many river rapids, and small waterfalls, pass by the mouth of the river Rakitnica and through the Grand Canyon of the River Neretva. In this part, we will take a break on one of the beaches to relax in friendly talk, swimming and sunbathing. You will enjoy the wild and pristine natural environment of the Neretva canyon with its colors, smells and sounds. After the break we continue towards the most attractive waterfall on the Neretva River - Džajića buk. Our rafting tour ends on the mouth of the River Ljuta.

Return to Konjic

Afternoon - Return to Konjic

After changing into a warmer clothes we are driving back to Konjic where we will have lunch. This whole-day rafting trip on the Neretva River is for sure something special and impossible to forget.


For those who are also interested in experiencing the old town Konjic on the Neretva River, we can organize a city tour with a local private guide. Contact for mor information.

Departure days 2022: every day, on request

Price: 49 € per person

  • The excursion price is based on a minimum of six (6) participants.
  • Individual guests can join an existing group.
  • Definite departure will be confirmed to participants by e-mail.
  • Participants interested in a private trip may contact for an individual offer.


  • Experienced rafting skipper certified by International Rafting Federation.
  • Meals: lunch and snacks.
  • Safety gear, wetsuit and helmet.
  • Insurance and costs for the organization and realization of travel.

NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE  /  Additional costs:

  • Transport from Sarajevo to rafting location and back.
  • Extra drinks at lunch.
  • Travel insurance (additional health insurance, insurance against accidents, damage or loss of luggage and travel cancellation insurance). For more information read „Inlandia Terms & Conditions“, or contact us at
  • All other expenses not covered by the programme.

You need to bring:

T-shirt, swimming costume, sneakers or sandals suitable for water, 1 liter of water, hat, sun block, towel, change of clothes, camera.


  • Green Card (if traveling by your own car).
  • Your passport or Identity Card (depending on the country of origin).


  1. Neretva River with its natural beauty and unique ecological system.
  2. Historic city of Konjic situated on the banks of the Neretva River.
  3. Panorama view of glacier Lake Boračko.
  1. The Neretva River is one of the most beautiful rivers in this part of Europe and one of the symbols of Herzegovina. It is 225 km long and for the most part flows through Bosnia-Herzegovina (203 km), and partly through Croatia (22 km). Situated between the major regional rivers (Drina river on the east, Una river on the west and the Sava river in the north) the Neretva basin contains the most significant source of drinking water. Its source and headwaters gorge are situated deep in the Dinaric Alps at the base of the mountains Zelengora and Lebršnik, under the Gredelj saddle. The river source is at 1,227 meters above sea level. Together with its tributaries, Neretva makes a special natural complex and unique ecological system in this part of the world. On its way to the Adriatic Sea, Neretva flows through some of the most beautiful places in Bosnia: Konjic, Jablanica, Mostar, Capljina, Pocitelj. Neretva River is known for its emerald-green color, clean and in its upper course completely safe drinking water.
  2. Konjic is a town located in northern Herzegovina, around 50 kilometers southwest of Sarajevo. It lies on the Neretva River in a mountainous, heavily wooded area. The city is one of the oldest permanent settlements in Bosnia, dating back almost 4.000 years. The symbol of Konjic is Old Bridge built in 1682 over six slightly pointed stone arches. It is the best-preserved Ottoman bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is proclaimed a National Monument. Another highlight of Konjic is a tour of an original nuclear fallout shelter - Tito's 611 square-metre atomic bunker built between 1953 and 1979 and dug 300 meters into a mountain. Known as ARK it was built secretly by the government in which President Tito, the Yugoslav Government, and ruling elite would have been able to find shelter.
  3. The Boračko Lake is a glacier lake in Herzegovina located next to the town Konjic. It lies at the northeastern foot of the mountain Prenj, at an altitude of 397 m. The lake is 786m long, 402m wide and 17m deep. It receives water from Boračko streams and several nearby sources, which some of them are placed on the bottom of the lake. The short stream Sistica that flows out of the lake along a short gorge of 6 km and depth of 60 m crashes from 30 m hight as a waterfall into the Neretva River.

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