Canoeing Kopacki Rit Nature Park

Experience Slavonia & Baranja in Eastern Croatia

Baranja Adventure Tour With Wine Tasting

CANOE & WINE TOUR | Half Day | from 99 € | Private guided tour through the impressive scenery of the Baranja region in Eastern Croatia. We take you on an authentic canoe tour through the Kopački Rit Nature Park, inclusive wine tasting in one of the best wineries in Croatia.

Kopacki Rit Nature Park is a significant ornithological area, home to more than 290 bird species and 60 fish species. It is one of the largest preserved wetlands in Europe, situated between the mighty rivers Danube and Drava and only 12km northeast of the City of Osijek (the largest city in the Slavonia region).

You will have a chance to observe many interesting and rare birds and wild animals. Maybe you will have an opportunity to see a small herd of an endangered breed of cattle, one of the last in this area.  

After our canoe tour, we'll take you for lunch at a local restaurant next to the green scenery of the Kopacki Rit, which serves traditional Baranja cuisine.

The wine tasting of premium Baranja wines we left for the end. The Baranja region is world-known among wine lovers for its wine production and quality premium wines, dominantly white. High-quality top wine is the Graševina, the most valuable oenological icon of the Slavonia & Baranja region.


Short walk over Lake Mali Sakadas

9:00 AM - Short walk over Lake Mali Sakadas

We start our day trip at 9:00 am in the Visitor Centre of the Nature Park Kopacki Rit. In the Visitor Centre, you will meet our guide. The Kopački Rit Nature Park also called the European Amazon, is situated in the central part of the Danube floodplain, between two important European rivers, the Drava and the Danube. It became a protected area in 1967 due to its important ecological values. The route takes you along the boardwalk called Bijeli Lopoč (eng. White Water Lily) to Lake Sakadash and the boat dock. Along the wooden walkway, you will learn more about flora and fauna in the Kopački Rit. The educational boards with pictures and descriptions of plants, animals, and features of the wetland habitat bring you closer to nature and describe the rich wetland ecosystem. After half an hour's walk through the reeds, willows, and aquatic plant communities of Mali Sakadash, we'll arrive at the boat dock, where we will start our canoe tour. The total length of the promenade is 2.400 m. Walking: half an hour.

Canoe tour Kopacki Rit

9:30 AM - Canoe tour Kopacki Rit

Our relaxing two-hour canoe trip with a professional geological safari guide leads us through the Special Zoological Reserve from Lake Sakadaš along the Linjov Canal. Canoeing is an original way to discover the biological diversity and wealth of flora and fauna inside the Kopacki Rit, especially many various bird species, particularly the cormorants and some rare species of eagle. The guide will explain to you everything you want to know. An authentic experience for the whole family. Trail length: 5 km. Duration: about 2 hours.

Tikveš Castle Complex

11:35 AM - Tikveš Castle Complex

After a canoe trip, we continue our tour with a visit to the Tikveš Castle Complex inside the Kopacki Rit, situated in the northern part of the park, 11 km from the park entrance. The right place for history lovers. The complex was once a hunting lodge built by the Habsburgs family in the 19th century (the rulers of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy) and later used by Yugoslav State Premier Tito. The exterior can still evoke a spirit of an elegant time. It is surrounded by a forest park with several buildings - the New Castle with an annexe building, the Old Castle, a chapel and other facilities with a restaurant. The Tikveš Castle complex has been reconstructed, equipped and converted into the “Tikveš Center for Presentation and Education” co-financed by the EU. Duration of the tour and presentation: about one hour.

Lunch in a traditional restaurant

12:45 PM - Lunch in a traditional restaurant

We will have lunch in a traditional Baranja restaurant next to the Kopacki Rit Nature Park. The restaurant serves Baranja cuisine, which has multi-ethnic roots. There are various regional specialities, especially freshwater fish and venison. Probably the best-known Baranja speciality is the fish stew called Fish Paprikash and carp lightly roasted on an open campfire. The restaurant is perfect for families with children because there is a big garden and children's playground. Not far from the restaurant, you will maybe have the luck to observe the famous Podolac cows, a traditional but today endangered breed of cattle that graze freely in the nature of Kopački Rit.

16th century wine cellar & wine tasting

2:00 PM - 16th century wine cellar & wine tasting

The day trip continues to Baranja's beautiful wine region Kneževi Vinogradi, known for its centuries-long wine-producing tradition. We will drive along the wine road through the rolling vineyard landscape to the viewpoint of the Banovo Brdo hill. After the outdoor wine tour, we'll visit the most impressive wine cellar in Baranja, which was dug into a mountain more than five centuries ago. In a wine tasting room, we'll have an organized wine tasting of 3 premium wines and various local products (kulen, sausage, bacon and cheese) with a professional interpretation. If you'd like to take home the tastes of Baranja, the wine boutique and gift shop offers a fine selection of wines, delicacies and souvenirs, like the famous Baranja kulen (local spicy cured meat delicacy with protected geographical indication).

Return transfer to Nature Park Kopacki Rit

3:30 PM - Return transfer to Nature Park Kopacki Rit

Our Baranja excursion ends in front of the Visitor Centre of the Kopački Rit Nature Park, from where we started this day trip. Return time in Kopački Rit around 4:00 pm.

Departure dates 2023: from April till October - every day
Dates: on request

Group size

2 pers.

3 pers.

4 pers.

5 pers.

6 pers.

7 pers.

Price per person

€ 158,00

€ 130,00

€ 122,00

€ 113,00

€ 106,00

€ 99,00

  • The excursion prices are based on a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of seven (7) participants.
  • Definite departure will be confirmed to participants by e-mail.
  • Participants interested in a private trip for a larger group may contact for an individual offer.

Discount: children up to 4 years accompanied by their parents - free of charge.


  • Licensed local tour guide (English, German).
  • All transfers according to the itinerary.
  • Entrance fee for Nature Park Kopački Rit.
  • Canoe trip with a geological safari guide.
  • Wine tasting tour of Belje Winery (a drive along wine road through vineyards and lookout at Banovo Brdo, visiting the old cellar of Vina Belje); tasting of 3 premium wines and various local products, inclusive Slavonski kulen.
  • Insurance and costs for the organization and realization of the tour.

NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE  /  Additional costs:

  • Transfer to another starting/ending point (of your interest).
  • Lunch in a local restaurant. Approx. 15€ - 25€ for a menu (Baranja specialities).
  • Additional health and cancellation insurance, which can be arranged by e-mail to
  • All other expenses not covered by the programme.

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Note* For those who are more interested in experiencing Kopački Rit in Eastern Croatia, we recommend our excursion Birdwatching Kopacki Rit

  • Nature Park Kopacki Rit
  • Canoe tour
  • Baranja's traditional cuisine
  • Wine tasting of Baranja's premium wines

Kopacki Rit Nature Park is one of the largest wetlands in Europe, an ornithologically significant area (293 species of birds) and the largest freshwater fish hatchery in the Danube region (about 60 species). It is situated in Eastern Croatia, in the picturesque plains of Baranja between the rivers Drava and Danube. It stretches across an area of 240 km2. The high biodiversity of 2.000 biological species reflects the rich flora and fauna of the park. Due to its exceptional natural values, Kopacki Rit has been included in the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance and the List of Important Bird Areas (IBA).

Canoe tour along the Kopacki Rit Nature Park - an abundant flora and birdlife rich in species make canoeing along the park's canals exciting. Inside the spectacular landscape of the protected areas, you can see cormorants, herons, egrets, kingfishers, fish eagles, and other birds. You can see them in thousands when they gather in the marsh before their flight. You can even go to the place where the beavers live. During the tour, if you have luck, you can see wild boars and deer.

The traditional cuisine of the Baranja region has multi-ethnic roots. This region, located on the border between Western and Southeastern Europe, was historically attractive bait, including the Osmans, Hungarians and Habsburgs, three opposite cultures. Such an unusual compound created the Baranja cuisine with a flair of Western Europe and the fervour of South and East. There are various regional specialities based on freshwater fish and venison. But the king of all Baranja specialities is fish paprikash, a spicy fish stew made in a cast-iron kettle over a wood fire with several freshwater fish such as pike, catfish, starlet or carp. The final taste of many delicious meals gives paprika powder from the surrounding villages, well known over the Croatian border, especially the sweet and hot ground red paprika from village Kopačevo.

Slavonski Kulen is by far the best-known delicacy of eastern Croatian cuisine registered as a food product with a Protected Geographical Indication at both a national and European level. It is a cured sausage made from prime cuts of pork combined with carefully selected spices like red paprika and garlic. It exudes a strong smoky aroma and has a rather piquant flavour.

Baranja wine region is located in the northeast part of Inland Croatia, surrounded by the mighty rivers Danube and Drava and the Hungarian border. Baranja got its name from two Hungarian words: 'Bor', which means wine and 'Anya', which means mother, giving the region a symbolic name – 'Mother of Wine'. Great climatic conditions for wine grape cultivation and the production of excellent wines had also been recognized by the Romans more than 2.000 years ago.

We recommend visiting the authentic village of Karanac, nearby Kopacki Rit Nature Park.

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