Hiking Sutjeska National Park

Adventure tour into wild nature of Bosnia

Great hiking to the Bosnia's best viewpoints

HIKING TOUR | 3 days | from 295€ | Through the Bosnian oldest national park, over Zelengora Mt. to the Bosnia's highest peak Maglić (2.386m), most impressive mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you intend to do any hiking in this beautiful and undiscovered region of southeast Europe we recommend starting with this short tour.

Our adventure starts from the tranquil natural Lake Donje Bare on the Zelengora Mountain through a beech forest and unspoilt mountain terrain to the summit of Ugljesin Peak (1.858m) where we will be rewarded for our efforts with the best panoramic view of the Zelengora mountain peaks.

The next day we offer the choice between one shorter moderate hike to the Glacier Lake Trnovacko and one longer challenging climb to the Maglic peak at 2.386m. One of the highlights of this day is the primaeval forest Perucica with its stunning 75-metres high waterfall Skakavac.

There is a possibility of exploring Sarajevo on one of the interesting city tours with an experienced local guide by prolonging your stay. Check our tour Discover Sarajevo.



Zelengora Mountain & Ugljesin peak (1,858m)

Day 1 - Zelengora Mountain & Ugljesin peak (1,858m)

Meeting with our guide in Sarajevo at 9:00 AM. After an exciting two-hour drive through canyons and forests, we enter the National Park Sutjeska, the oldest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We continue along a mountain dirt road to the heart of the park – Zelengora Mountain. At Donje Bare we’ll park the vehicle and take a short walk to the newly rebuilt Mountain Hut at Donje Bare where we leave our backpacks. On our way to Ugljesin peak at 1,858m, we'll pass the natural lake of Donje Bare (1,550m above sea level), 250m long and 120m wide with the maximum depth of 4,5m. It is lined with thick forest on one side and open mountain meadows on the other. From here we walk through a beech forest and open mountainous terrain to the summit of Ugljesin Peak (1,858m) - one of the best panoramic views of the Zelengora mountain peaks and the 1,200-meter deep canyon of the Sutjeska River. The rock face wall of Volujak Mountain and the highest peak of BiH - Maglic at 2,386m – tower above us. We return via Gornje Bare to the Mountain Hut at Donje Bare and complete the first day with this stunning 4-hour hike. Accommodation: Hotel Mladost, Tjentiste. Meals: lunch, dinner.

Maglic climb (2,386m) & Trnovacko Glacier Lake

Day 2 - Maglic climb (2,386m) & Trnovacko Glacier Lake

On the second day of our Bosnian adventure tour, we can offer two options: a strenuous climb to the Maglic peak (2,386m) or a leisurely hike to the glacier Lake Trnovacko. First, we drive about 45 minutes to Perucica primaeval forest - one of two remaining primaeval forests in Europe and a true gem in terms of wildlife and a large number of endemic plants. We will briefly stop at the viewpoint Dragos Saddle (Dragoš Sedlo) which offers a great view of Perucica's valley and the 75-metres big waterfall Skakavac. On this spot, we will split up the group into those who are interested in a challenging 4-hour hike up to Maglic at 2,386m and those opting for a moderate 2-hour hike to Trnovacko Glacier Lake, which is set at 1,500m in the middle of a huge amphitheatre of rocky peaks. At the end of the day, both groups will meet up at Trnovacko Lake. After a well-deserved break, we are going back to our vehicle and return to Sarajevo at 7:00 PM. Accommodation: B&B or hotel in Sarajevo City. Meals: breakfast, lunch. Optional offer: dinner in a Bosnian traditional restaurant.

Departure from Sarajevo

Day 3 - Departure from Sarajevo

After breakfast, check out from the accommodation. If you wish to prolong your stay in Sarajevo, there is a possibility of exploring the city on one of the interesting city tours with an experienced local guide. Transfer to Sarajevo Airport on request.

Price information & additional costs:

 Tour dates 2024:

3-day tour:


Tour dates 2024:

3-day tour:

 May 18 – 20

295 €


 August 14 – 16

295 €

 June 4 – 6

295 €


 August 26 – 28

295 €

 June 25 – 27

295 €


 September 7 – 9

295 €

 July 19 – 21

295 €


 September 21 – 23

295 €

 August 3 – 5

295 €


 October 5 – 7

295 €

  • Prices are per person.
  • The tour price is based on a minimum of four (4) participants and double room occupancy.
  • Individual guests can join an existing group.
  • Definite departure will be confirmed to participants by e-mail.
  • Participants interested in a private trip may contact Inlandia for an individual offer.


  • Transport from Sarajevo to hike location and back.
  • One fully-equipped and experienced local English-speaking guide.
  • Accommodation in Hotel Mladost – Tjentiste.
  • B&B accommodation (double room occupancy) in Sarajevo City.
  • Meals: breakfast (2x), lunch (2x), dinner (1x) and snacks.
  • Coffee or tea during the hiking tour.
  • Admission to the National Park and Perucica forest.
  • Tourist taxes.
  • Insurance against accidents and costs for the organization and realization of travel.

NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE  /  Additional costs:

  • Transfer airport-hotel-airport.
  • Single room supplement in B&B accommodation.
  • Extra drinks at the accommodation and fishing license.
  • Extra services (e.g. parking place).
  • City tour in Sarajevo: see our tour Discover Sarajevo
  • Dinner at traditional restaurant in Sarajevo: from 15 € - 25 €.
  • Tip for the tour guides, driver and local staff (optional).
  • Souvenirs and items of a personal nature.
  • Travel insurance (additional health insurance, insurance against accidents, damage or loss of luggage and travel cancellation insurance). For more information read „Inlandia Terms & Conditions“, or contact us at info@inlandia.com
  • All other expenses not covered by the programme.


  • The tour is lead by a knowledgeable and experienced tour guide and includes a fully equipped support van.
  • The B&B accommodation in the City of Sarajevo is based on double room occupancy, has very good references and guest reviews, and it is located nearby Bascarsija (old town).

You need to bring:

Hiking boots are essential, pocket knife, sun glasses, sun cream, 1 liter of water, personal hygiene kit, fleece/jumper, swimming gear, towel, rain gear, change of clothes (e.g. dry socks, T-shirt & underwear, trousers) and a 30-40 liter backpack.


  • Green Card (if traveling by your own car).
  • Your passport or Identity Card (depending on the country of origin) since we’re crossing into Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro (outside the EU border).


  1. National Park Sutjeska
  2. Zelengora Mountain
  3. Primeval forest Perućica
  4. Glacier Lake Trnovacko
  5. Maglic Mountain
  1. The stunning surroundings of the Sutjeska National Park - located near Foca town in the southeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Established in 1962, it is Bosnia-Herzegovina's oldest national park which extends over an area of 175 km2. Over 66% of the area is covered by forests, and the rest are pastures, meadows and barren land above the upper limit of forests. It includes the highest peak of Maglić at 2.386 metres (7.828 ft), on the border with Montenegro. The Sutjeska National Park is also famous for the Battle of Sutjeska in 1943 during World War II. The park is an affiliated member of EUROPARC Federation.
  2. Zelengora (eng: green mountain) is a mountain range in the Sutjeska National Park with the highest peak Bregoč at 2,014 metres (6,608 ft). It is a part of the Dinaric Alps bordered to the south-west by the Neretva River, to the east by the Sutjeska River and the north by the Lelija range. Zelengora is known as "a wilderness of outstanding beauty" because of its peaks which emerge from large mixed forests and numerous springs of clear and drinkable water, streams, rivers, and lakes. The wildness of nature in the cloak of forests and green pastures and the complete lack of signs of modern civilization give these mountains a special appeal.
  3. The strictly protected Nature Reserve, the primaeval forest Perućica in the Sutjeska National Park, is located along the border with Montenegro. One of the last two remaining primaeval forests and one of the last beech old-growth forests in Europe. It stays there just as nature created it 20.000 years ago. The Bosnian ancient forest Perućica stretches over an area of 1.434 hectares and is a precious European natural heritage. It hides many trees over 300 years old. The tallest measured Norway Spruce (63 m) is located in this forest. The number of wild animals is impressive: bears, wolves, foxes, chamois, marten, wild cat, wild boar, and many other.
  4. Maglic mountain with its 2,386-meter high peak (7,828 ft) is the highest and most impressive mountain of Bosnia and Herzegovina, named after the thick fog that often surrounds its rocky peak. It lies within the Sutjeska National Park on the border with Montenegro. Maglic massif consists of two peaks: the Veliki (Big) Maglić (2,386 metres) on the Bosnia-Herzegovina side and the Crnogorski Maglić (2,388 metres) on the Montenegro side. The Montenegrin part of Maglic massif has formed the Trnovacko Lake -  one of the most beautiful in Montenegro.

  5. Glacier Lake Trnovacko (Montenegro) – located at the foot of the mountain Maglic, 1.517 meters above sea level, surrounded by high mountain ranges with peaks over 2.000 m. It is 700 metres long and 400 metres wide. The average temperature of the lake during the summer months is pleasant 20°C, ideal for swimming and refreshing or fishing (you need a permit).

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