Ana Desetnica Street Theatre Festival

Ana Desetnica Street Theatre Festival Photo: B.Kladnik /

Ana's caravan of world artists

Ljubljana, 03 – 06 July, 2019 | 10:00 - 21:00

Place: Ljubljana - Prešernov Trg Square, city centre's streets, parks and other squares. Some individual works in 25 „sister“ cities throughout Slovenia.

Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival is an annual festival organised by the Ana Monró Theatre.

The festival offers different street art genres and other performances by numerous artists, clowns, circus performers, jugglers, tightrope walkers, fire-eaters, musicians, "provocateurs", dancers and actors from Slovenia and abroad.

The programme seeks to present various styles, forms and contents of street theatre art, and includes everything from small individual acts to large-scale performances, from programmes for children to provocative shows for adults, from pantomime to illusions, from street music to contemporary dance, from visual acts to narratives, from drama to humour, and from circus skills to pyrotechnics, which attract a wide range of audience groups.

Of the 250 to 400 artists who participate in the festival each year, 60% are international artists who come to Slovenia to perform.

The festival is very popular among the people of Ljubljana. Through Ana Desetnica Festival, numerous street theatre productions have had the opportunity to tour abroad.

The festival Ana Desetnica during the period of 20 years strongly outgrew its boundaries and became a nation-wide festival, which traditionally heralds the true start of the summer and holidays in more than 25 cities across Slovenia.

Photogallery of Ana Desetnica 2018

Facts about festival

Ana Monró Theatre also organises two further festivals, the autumn Ana Plamenita and the winter Ana Mraz festival.

During the winter holiday season in the frame of Ana Mraz (English: Ana Frost) the theatre presents its newest productions in the Ljubljana city centre just before New Year's, and also invites different domestic and international groups and authors.

Ana Plamenita (English: Ana Blaze) is the festival of nights and fire, which in the short days of November, when it gets dark already in the afternoon, brightens selected urban corners and converts them to a very special ambience, illuminated by the fiery installations.

  • Award: Best of Ljubljana Culture 2018 & 2019 (by tourist guide Ljubljana In Your Pocket)
  • Formally organised since 1998
  • 250 to 400 artists participate in the festival
  • 60% are international renowned performers
  • Involved in several international networking and co-production projects
  • Its network comprises 2 “birth”' cities & 25 “sister” cities
  • Street artists, clowns, circus performers, jugglers
  • Tightrope walkers, fire-eaters, musicians, "provocateurs"

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