Ethno Weekend Bohinj

Ethno Weekend Bohinj Photo: D. Mladenovic /

Old customs: Vasovanje & Rural Wedding 

Srednja Vas & Ribčev Laz - Bohinj, July 26 – 27, 2019 | 20:00 - 23:30

Places: Pod Lipo in village Srednja Vas & Pod skalco in village Ribčev Laz

Every year in July, there is a traditional event in Bohinj called "Vasovanje". The presentation of how a man in love, in the middle of the night, climb up the ladder to a girl's window and try to win her heart.

The event is full of entertaining moments, presenting the traditional customs that were quite common in the past. This event takes place under the linden tree in the village Srednja vas near Lake Bohinj. 

Next day takes place another event that is connected with „Vasovanje“ – the „Rural Wedding“ (Slovenian „Kmečka ohcet“). It is a touristic-folklore event, that gives you an insight in local lifestyle and traditions, among wich the rural wedding ceremony and customs have a special place.

On the stage there are performances of various folklore groups, which dance the dance “Nevestna”, where the girl wears a cake on her head, which she then distributes among the wedding guests.

Funny events with lot of music and dancing!

Recommended accommodation: Hike&Bike Chalet and Apartments Alpik

Facts about event

Traditional events which present old customs in Bohinj: nocturnal visits to one's sweethearts and funny rural wedding with lot of dancing.

  • Funny games and moments during romantic courting
  • Traditional experience of rural wedding
  • A parade with horses and folk costumes
  • Fun with ensembles lasts late in the night
  • Great location: near Lake Bohinj in Alpine region of Slovenia

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