Festival of Graševina Wine

Festival of Graševina Wine Photo: Tourist Board of Osijek-Baranja County

The biggest wine festival in Inland Croatia

Town of Kutjevo, June 1, 2024 | 12:00 - 23:00

Place: The Square of Graševina (Trg Graševine)

The Festival of Graševina Wine is a significant event in Požega - Slavonia County in Eastern Croatia.

The festival celebrates the importance of Kutjevo's Graševina white wine for the local people and the economy. Golden grapes and velvet vines have become the symbol of this Slavonian region since ancient times. Kutjevo, the small town near Požega, is known for its winemaking and is considered one of Croatia's most famous enological oases.

During the festival, wine experts and lovers gather in Kutjevo for a wine degustation by well-known winemakers. Along with wine tasting, visitors will be able to enjoy the offer of delicious culinary specialities and local domestic products from Kutjevo's manufacturers, who will represent them on the Square of Graševina.

One of the festival's highlights is the Tractors Race, which first took place in 2014 and garnered great interest from the audience.

Another highlight of the Graševina Festival - the 'Day of Open Wine Cellars' - allows the visitors to visit the cellars of Kutjevo’s winemakers and taste the wines in their tasting rooms.

Come, enjoy and take home beautiful impressions from Kutjevo wine region and Inland Croatia.

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Facts about the Graševina wine

Graševina is the most represented grape variety in Croatia and is characteristic in the wine region of Slavonia and Croatian Podunavlje in Eastern Croatia. It makes up as much as 60% of all vineyards in the Kutjevo vineyard in Western Slavonia, making it an authentic wine of that well-known Croatian wine region. The broad spectrum of wine styles that can be produced from Graševina makes it one of the most diverse wine varieties in the world. From Graševina, it is possible to produce sparkling wine, fresh types of wine, aged wines, and ice wines.

  • One of the most significant manifestations in Slavonia
  • Thousands of visitors
  • Organization of conferences and lectures
  • Wine evaluation
  • Cultural - entertaining program
  • Exciting Tractor Race
  • Proclamation of the champions in making of Graševina in 3 categories
  • Selection of the top bottle with the best visual appearance
  • "Day of Open Cellars" – wine tasting in Kutjevo’s cellars

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