Pumpkin Festival Ivanić Grad

Pumpkin Festival Ivanić Grad Photo: Pixabay / licence-free

Discover the world of pumpkins

Ivanić Grad - Zagreb County, October 4 – 6, 2019 | 9:00 - 18:00

Come, taste and see one of the most visited pumpkin festivals in Central Croatia – the Pumpkin Festival Ivanić Grad, locally called – Bučijada. It will be held for the 15th time.

The main attraction is the pumpkin fair featuring over 200 exhibitors with their great homemade pumpkin products.

Other highlights are the installations and sculptures made of pumpkins. There is a contest for the largest, smallest and most original pumpkin. Cooking shows with top chefs, and interactive workshops based on the pumpkin is something you shouldn't miss. 

For visitors, from the youngest to the oldest, there are organized entertaining activities: a horse-drawn carriage ride, special pumpkin carriage and tram, playgrounds and workshops for youngsters, theater shows, exhibitions, concerts, promotions, ethnic program and rich gastronomic offer of groceries in restaurants and gastro tents.

There is a tourist-excursion train ‘Bučko Express’ Zagreb - Ivanić Grad on Saturday and Sunday.

"BUČKO-EXPRESS" train timetable:

ZAGREB Main Train Station (Glavni Kolodvor) - departure 9.20 am
Ivanic Grad - arrival 10.00 am

Ivanić Grad - departure for Zagreb 5.25 pm
ZAGREB GK - arrival 6.04 pm

Possibility of return by regular trains from Ivanić-Grad.
Return ticket price: 25 kn / Surcharge for bicycle: 5 kn / Children up to 6 years: gratis

About festival's location

Ivanić Grad is a small city (14.000 inhabitants) in Zagreb County, located along the Lonja River, in Moslavina wine region. It is only 38 km away from the Capital City of Zagreb. It is first mentioned in the 13th century. The city is also known for its successful health resort "Naftalan".

  • Festival is held since 2004
  • Most visited pumpkin fair in Central Croatia
  • Featuring over 200 exhibitors
  • More than 20.000 visitors
  • Rich gastronomic offer based on the pumpkin
  • Workshop and tasting of pumpkin seed oil
  • Škrlet corner “ŠkrCo” – wine tastings and presentation of indigenous Škrlet white wines
  • Special pumpkin carriage and tram
  • An eco-yard with pumpkins for children
  • Gastro stage with cooking show
  • Award for the nicest decorated stand and pumpkin pie

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