Vinodar Wine Exhibition 2020

Vinodar Wine Exhibition 2020 Photo: Miljenko Hegedic / Tourist Board of Daruvar City

Daruvar's centuries-old tradition in winemaking

City of Daruvar, May 30 -  June 7, 2020 | 9:00 - 23:00

Places: Baroque Castle of Count Janković, Julius Park, King Tomislav Square

The 22nd International Wine Exhibition VINODAR is taking place in Daruvar, a small city in Western Slavonia in the eastern part of Croatia. The wine lovers know that the Daruvar region has long been known for its excellent varieties of grapes and quality wines. Sauvignon Blanc is a golden wine of Daruvar.

Vineyard farming in Daruvar's area  has a centuries-old tradition and a rich history. The sunny slopes of the mountainside of Papuk provide ideal conditions for grape growing and winemaking.

At the same time as the Vinodar, the Fair of traditional products of Bjelovar – Bilogora County is held.

Through the richness of traditional crafts, souvenirs and handicrafts, the splendour of local gastronomy, wine tasting, cultural and art programs and concerts, the visitors will get to know the way of life and hospitality of the people of Daruvar.

The Vinodar wine exhibition is the most visited wine event in Inland Croatia.

Special event: the "Wine Bike Tour" with a departure in front of the Daruvar Tourist Office (free of charge). A bike ride on the hidden trails around fishing ponds. The length of the route is about 40km, followed by a gathering on the sports pond “Končanica”. FREE lunch for all bicycle participants!

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Facts about wine exhibition

The Vinodar wine exhibition in Daruvar is the most famous wine event in Inland Croatia and most significant traditional manifestation of the City of Daruvar (Western Slavonia) which has been permanently held since 1999, and lasts for a week.

  • 22nd International Wine Exhibition
  • Fair of traditional products
  • Art Colony WINE & ART
  • Conferences and lectures
  • Expert evaluation of over 150 samples of wine
  • Rich and varied cultural - entertaining program
  • Folklore mosaic
  • Open Door Day in the Castle of Count Jankovic
  • Wine tasting & rich gastronomic offer
  • Presentations of old crafts
  • Special train from Zagreb "Vinodar Express" on 6th June 2020 (return ticket 30 kn)

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