Kozara mountain and its 4 rivers

Kozara mountain and its 4 rivers Photo: National Park Kozara

Kozara National Park is located in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The park covers an area of 39 km2. It is located between the Pannonian Plain in the north and Dinarides in the south, and surrounded by the rivers Sava, Una, Vrbas and Sana. The central part of the National Park Kozara is the plateau Mrakovica (806 m) which often hosts cultural events and attracts a large number of visitors. The highest peak of Kozara is Lisina at 978 m.

Kozara is a mountain island which relief was formed over a longer period by the movements in the earth's crust and the withdrawal of the ancient Pannonian Sea.

The park abounds with clean and drinkable springs and streams some of which are a favorite excursion sites for visitors. The source “Bijele vode” is one of the most attractive sites in the park. 88% of the area is occupied by the forest. The most common are beech and fir.

On the plateau Mrakovica was erected in 1972 Memorial Complex Mrakovica (Monument, Memorial Wall and Museum) in memory of Kozara fighters and residents of the area who were killed in World War II. The 33-meter-high monument is a symbol of the National Park Kozara.

Hiking, biking, climbing and skiing are the main activities offered within the park.
There are four marked easy hiking trails. For those looking an adventure, there is a rock climbing on the mountain Zecji kamen where you can find an attractive waterfall. The park offers also three MTB cycling trails maintained and marked. All three routes are designed for recreational and professional mountain bikers.

Cycling route Kozara, the total length of 30 km, connects the National Park "Kozara", the beautiful monastery Mostanica and Kozarska Dubica. On the route are regulated four rest areas and three sources of drinking water.

There is a small ski resort on Mrakovica with three ski slopes.

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Key Facts about Kozara

Cycling route ‘Kozara’ is a part of the international route that extends for a distance of 60 km from the National Park "Kozara", over the river Mostanica, Kozarska Dubica and Jasenovac to the Nature Park "Lonjsko Polje" in Croatia.

  • 24 km from Prijedor and 56 km from Banja Luka
  • Member of the European Federation of National Parks EUROPARC
  • Biodiversity of 865 plant species
  • 33-meter-high monument on Mrakovica plateau - symbol of the NP Kozara
  • Museum of Kozara with the permanent ethno exhibition
  • Land art laboratory "Ars Kozara" - the only of its kind in Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Monastery Mostanica (16th century) - one of the most beautiful in Bosnia, protected historical monument
  • Remains of medieval Vrbaski city (13th century) on the hill Pavetnjak
  • Rock climbing: 21 directions with the length of 10-60 m, difficulty level VI to VIII
  • International Kozara Mountain Bike Marathon entered in the UCI Calendar

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