Fairy-like National Park Una

Fairy-like National Park Una Photo: Waterfall "Strbacki Buk" on Una River

Una National Park is located in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the municipality of Bihac. It stretches along the Croatian border, only 30 km from Plitvice Lakes National Park and 115 km from the Adriatic Sea.
It covers an area of the rivers Una and Unac and the slopes of the mountains Pljesevica, Grmeč and Osječenica. The national park spreads over an area of 198 km2.

Rivers Una, Unac and Krka are three pearls of the natural heritage of the National Park Una.

Una is almost its entire longitudinal profile a cascade river. The limestone barriers create numerous waterfalls, river islands-ade and cascades that are related to tectonic movements. The waterfalls of various shapes and sizes with its unique beauty are most attractive sites. The most famous are waterfalls Štrbački buk and .

A special position of the park on the transit route to the Adriatic Sea led it in the past under the influence of many cultures. You can find numerous archaeological sites, the remains of many forts, ruins, medieval castles and religious buildings of different faiths and cultures. The most numerous are the prehistoric sites (the Bronze and Iron Age). The main attractions are fortress Old Town Ostrovica built in 15th century and  the Old Fortress Orašac.

In this area there are many rare and endemic species of plants, for example Unska bellflower (Campanilla unensis) and Bosnian iris (Iris reichenbachii Heuffel var. Bosniaca) - endemic species in central and southeast Dinarides. Most of the area of the National Park covering different types of forests: oak, beech, hornbeam, birch and poplar enclave. Above all, this area is full of different kinds of mushrooms.

There are many possibilities for visitors who are interested in active holiday: rafting, walking and cycling paths, sport and recreational fishing.

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Facts & Activities - Una

According to the regulations of the Bern Convention, which protects European wildlife and natural habitats, 50 animal species from the area of the National Park Una is protected. Among others, three major European predators - wolves, lynx and bears.

  • Famous waterfall Štrbački buk: altitude 294 m, 24 m high and 40 m wide – symbol of National Park Una
  • Martin Brod - the largest complex of waterfalls on the Una River
  • 1.900 species of plants, which are 52% of all species in Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Great rafting tours (best route Štrbački buk - village Lohovo, length 15 km)
  • Fly fishing in the rivers Una and Unac - very popular activity (licence is needed)
  • Mountain biking in the surrounding mountains Osječenica and Klekovača
  • Several cycling trails through the park, length 8 km - 14 km
  • Educational trail "Paths of the past", length 5 km
  • Place Kulen Vakuf - since Roman times the hub of important route
  • Monastery Rmanj in Martin Brod, built in 1143

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