The natural ensemble of Blidinje

The natural ensemble of Blidinje Photo: Pixabay / licence-free

The Nature Park Blidinje is a high-mountainous area in the central part of the Dinarides, constituting the north-western part of the Herzegovina region. The closest cities are Tomislavgrad (15 km) and Mostar (55 km). The park covers an area of 364 m2 which occupies the greater part of the mountain massifs of Čvrsnica and Vran Planina, as well as the dry valley of Dugo Polje.

Blidinje Nature Park was founded in 1995 with the aim of systematically preserving and improving its natural and cultural values and distinctive features.

The most important natural feature of the park is the Blidinje Lake. This high-altitude lake at 1.182 m above sea level lies in the depression of Dugo Polje and is the largest mountain lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina, covering approx. 3 km2.

Blidinje area is a unique natural phenomenon, which contains many endemic species of flora and fauna with a lot of sources of clean, potable water. This area is known as one of the largest habitats of endemic whitebark pine (called „munika“) and pine. The habitat in Masna Luka is the one of the largest in Europe.

Another site of great natural interest is the Diva Grabovica gorge in Mt. Čvrsnica. This impressive morphostructural piece of nature is formed by karst erosion, which is a continuation of glacial and fluvial erosion. It is 6 km long and varies and depth 1.500 m. Above the canyon is a geomorphological object in the form of an arc called ‘Hajdučka vrata (door)’. The gorge is a true natural geological, geomorphological and botanical museum, and a national monument of considerable natural, scientific, touristic and educational importance.

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Key Facts about Blidinje

Dugo Polje in the Nature Park Blidinje is a karst field between the mountains Vrana and Čvrsnica. It is famous for its necropolis with medieval tombstones called 'Stećci' or 'Stećaks', which are inscribed in the UNESCO list of the World Heritage. Due to the variety of shapes and richness of decoration was declared the National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • the Blidinje area covers 11 necropolises with stećaks
  • Masna Luka - special forest reserve and the largest complex of the endemic whitebark pine in Europe, known as "Bosnian pine"
  • more than 200 endemic and sub-endemic plant species
  • Pločno (2.228m), the highest peak of Čvrsnica Mt. and central Dinarides
  • numerous prehistoric tumuli from Roman period
  • traditional mountain houses built with dry stone walls, covered with straw
  • chamoises – interesting species in Mts. of Čvrsnica
  • ski resort Blidinje – Risovac at 1.800 m

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