Via Dinarica – International Hiking Trail

Via Dinarica – International Hiking Trail Photo: Green Visions

Within the TOP 7 adventure destinations

According to the National Geographic, Via Dinarica Mega Trail is the one of the TOP 7 adventure holiday destinations in the world in 2017, and a winner of the 2014 Travel Awards for Best New Trail.

This mega-hiking and walking trail connects the natural and cultural sites of 8 countries in the Dinarides mountain range: from Slovenia in the north to Serbia, Kosovo and Albania in the south. The heart of this mega-trail is in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro.

The Dinarides are one of the least explored mountain ranges in this part of the world. This fantastic region offers breathtaking scenery for one of the most interesting and exciting projects - Via Dinarica international mega-hiking and walking trail.

The Via Dinarica is already globally recognized as a regional tourist destination offering first-class opportunities for visitors looking for adventure and enjoyment in the numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, fly-fishing, kayaking, rafting and caving activities. It also offers an abundance of opportunities to explore the traditional lifestyle of rural parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main goals of the project are improvement and development of the potentials of Dinara Mountains, representing a platform for sustainable development of tourism and local economic growth. Natural resources and a rich historical and cultural heritage of Dinarides offer an ideal opportunity for regional cooperation among the countries that Dinarides link. From this idea, and similar to the Via Alpina Trail, originated this laudable international project.

Via Dinarica Trails through Bosnia & Herzegovina:

Green Trail leads through forests of Bosnia & Herzegovina and is ideal for family hiking and recreation.

Blue Trail passes in the south-eastern part of Herzegovina and connects the region with the Adriatic Sea.

White Trail – the key trail of Via Dinarica, which leads to the tops of highest mountains in each country. It is most interesting to the so-called “thru-hikers”, adventurers, high mountaineers, hikers and all others who are looking for unspoiled natural beauty and crystal clear mountain air, peace and tranquility.

The project is co-financed by the European Union.

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Key Facts about Via Dinarica

National Geographic has included mountain trail Via Dinarica among the best destinations in 2017. The mega-hiking trail was also the winner of the 2014 Travel Awards for Best New Trail.

Bosnia & Herzegovina is the first country in the region that has fully marked and prepared its stage of White trail Via Dinarica, which was officially opened in the summer of 2016, in the Nature Park Blidinje.

  • International mega-hiking and walking trail
  • Includes 8 countries of Dinarides mountain range
  • Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro
  • Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania
  • Total length: 1.260 km
  • White Trail: key trail of Via Dinarica, challenging level
  • Blue Level: moderate level
  • Green Trail: easy level
  • Length of B&H stage: 334 km
  • Main route through Bosnia & Herzegovina: from Buško Lake to Maglić, the highest peak of B&H
  • Possibility of choosing one of many offered shorter routes in B&H

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