Wine Tour Eastern Herzegovina

Wine Tour Eastern Herzegovina Photo: Agrotourism Matusko

This wine tour will take you to Eastern Herzegovina, the town called Trebinje, which is 115 km/72 miles away from Mostar. Trebinje will show you Herzegovina's culture, religion, and architecture different from other parts of Bosnia. The smell, taste and colour of high-quality authentic Herzegovinian wines are a true pleasure for any wine lover.

Herzegovina region, rich in vineyards and wine cellars, is still little-known to the mass of people. A visit to one of the three best and the most successful wine cellars Vukoje, Tvrdoš and Andjelić will provide a pleasant opportunity to try their wine fresh from the barrel. A reputation for quality has two Herzegovinian autochthonous varieties of wines: dry fruit-filled white wine žilavka and strong red wine blatina, which can be velvety and complex.

You can also enjoy traditional dishes in an old restaurant with its own wine cellar.

Wine tasting and lunch in one of the wine cellars:

  • Side dish Prosciutto, cheese and homemade bread
  • Main dish: Roasted veal, vegetable and potatoes under the bell
  • Salad
  • Tasting Žilavka and Blatina

The cultural heritage which we recommend on this wine tour:  

Tvrdoš Monastery, with its wine cellars, goes back to the period from the 4th to 6th centuries. It was built upon the stone formations of Tvrdos along the right bank of the Trebisnjica River, 5 km west of the town of Trebinje. Since then was torn down several times and built up again. Today's monastery is from the 15th century.

Frescos of Dubrovnik painter Vicko Lovrov and the monk Marko Stefanov - Trebinjac can be found there. In the first half of the 6th century, the monastery was the biggest scriptorium of the Slavic south and the cultural and spiritual centre of a broader area.

The long tradition of winemaking dates back to the 15th century and has been successfully preserved till today. The wines Vranac, Žilavka and Hum Cabarnet from the cellars of Tvrdoš Monastery won several Decanter World Wine awards.

Vjetrenica Cave is located in the Municipal­ity of Ravno in south Herzegovina, only 12 km from the Adriatic coast. This protected natural monument leans against the Dubrovnik litoral and encompasses the fertile Popovo Field. Vjetrenica (means "wind cave") is the largest and the most famous cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its magical beauty, wide corridors and halls, underground water and waterfalls, and the wind blow­ing constantly through its entrance make the Vjetrenica Cave an interesting place to visit.

The Necropolis of Stećak in Radimlja,in Vidovo polje, 3 km west of Stolac, on the Čapljina-Stolac road, is a Bosnian cemetery with medieval tombstones from the 12th to 16th centuries. The beautiful inscriptions are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2016. It stands out for its richness, diversity and high quality of workmanship relief motifs. This Necropolis of 133 tombstones is the most famous location of medieval tombstones in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

For an individual offer with a detailed itinerary, please send us your inquiry to We will be happy to assist you in organizing an unforgettable wine experience!

Additional Information

The detailed itinerary and the price depend on the customers' wishes, group size and availability of time for visits and wine tastings in selected wineries on requested dates.

  • Price: on request
  • Excursion type: guided wine & cultural tour
  • Guiding possible in languages: English, German
  • Group size: minimum 7 persons
  • Duration: Full day
  • Starting & ending point: Mostar
  • Departures 2023: on request
  • Possibility of the tailor-made wine route

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