Canoe Safari in Lonjsko Polje Nature Park

Canoe Safari in Lonjsko Polje Nature Park Photo: Igor Bojanic / Stara Lonja

Experience something new

At your canoeing trip through Lonjsko Polje Nature Park with your friends or family youcan learn something new about intact nature. Spend unforgettable moments in real wilderness, away from civilization, breathing clean air, rowing in canoes. Take photos of horses, cows and wild animals.

Canoe safaris are for people of all ages and different fitness. There are routes from 5 to 35 kilometres, depending on your preferences and physical strength. You will be rowing downstream, so there is no need to frequent the gym beforehand. Also, there is no real danger of capsizing because these are lowland rivers.

After the safari have a rest and refresh yourselves with traditional home cooking in Ethno Village Stara Lonja.

Canoe safari with a guide  adults children under 12 year
·  Route 5-10 km   € 23,00 € 16,00
·  Route 10-20 km € 27,00 € 20,00
·  Route 20-35 km  € 30,00 € 23,00
adults   € 10,00    
children   € 7,00    
  • The minimum number of people is 6 and the maximum is 15 (11 adults, 4 children).
  • The trip should be booked three (3) days before.
  • The payment before departure.

Renting a canoe without a guide: 8 € per hour /person. 
Minimum time: 2 hours
Each hour after: 4 €
In the price including: transport to and from the desired location.

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Note* This special offer is bookable only with an accommodation in Ethno Village Stara Lonja.

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Highlights of the offer

Lonjsko polje Nature Park is a fishing paradise and the largest protected wetland area in the entire Danube River basin. It has more then 250 bird species, over 550 plant species, a number of  autochtonous breeds like Turopolje hog, the Posavina horse, the Posavina hound, and the Posavina goose.

  • Bird-watching in the area officially designated as IBA – Important Bird Area
  • Photo-safari in an attractive river landscape
  • Fishing trips and traditional fishing lessons

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