Kupa, the third longest river in Croatia

Kupa, the third longest river in Croatia Photo: Pixabay / licence-free

Rafting Trip in Gorski Kotar

The source of the Kupa River is in the National Park Risnjak in Gorski Kotar region. It flows through the forest-covered mountain slopes and rich valleys of the park and partly alongside the Croatian-Slovenian border. Kupa is known as the longest of the "four rivers of Karlovac City”.

In the spring when the snow melts and during the wet season, particularly after heavy rains, the Kupa River becomes an excellent location for white water rafting adventure. It is a fickle river with several faces - sometimes quiet, sometimes fast, sometimes deep, and sometimes shallow.

The Kupa River has I-II rafting difficulty levels. Most of the rafting routes are categozired in category II.

The river offers recreational rafting with small cascades and easy rapids suitable for people of all ages.

The Kupa Rafting trip takes 2 hours when the water level is high, or up to 4 hours when the level of the water is low. The best rafting route is from the place Hrvatsko to Brod na Kupi.

Although the best time for white water rafting on the Kupa River is in the spring when the water is high, Kupa has its advantages also during the summer (from June through September) when some other water activities replace rafting, such as kayaking, canoe safari or calm water rafting. None of the trips requires a previous experience.

*NOTE: the two-person canoe or inflatable kayaks will be used in case of lower water level.

EQUIPMENT: helmet, life jacket, paddle, long neoprene suit & rain jacket in case of cold weather.

Detailed itinerary on request.

SEND US  your inquiry for the individual Kupa rafting trip inclusive equipment and certified rafting guide. Don't miss an unforgettable experience!

Key Facts about Kupa rafting

Because of its difficulty levels categozired in category I-II, the Kupa River is also suitable for the persons with disabilities and children 7 years and older.

  • Price: 35 € per person
  • Children (up to 12): 24 €
  • Inclusive certified guide & equipment & insurance
  • Routes: I – II difficulty level
  • Duration: 2 - 4 hours
  • Number of persons: 4 - 10 per boot
  • Age: 7+
  • Suitable for persons with disabilities
  • Departures: April - May, September-October, weekend day
  • Weekdays on request (min. 4 persons)
  • Starting point: Hrvatsko village
  • Ending point: Brod na Kupi village
  • Total lenght of the river: 296 km

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