Nature Park Papuk – UNESCO Global Geopark

Nature Park Papuk – UNESCO Global Geopark Photo: MariaK /

The hidden gem of unexplored Slavonia region

The Nature Park Papuk is situated in Slavonia, in the eastern part of Croatia. It is a popular recreation destination that offers many activities: hiking cycling, geocaching, horse riding, paragliding, an adrenaline park, and a campsite.

The story of nature park began mid 19th century when a local nobleman Josip Jankovic had discovered the diversity of geological phenomena, well-preserved flora, and habitats of many animal species in the area of the mountain Papuk. He started to create a park of nature at Papuk around Jankovac Lake. Today, Papuk represents an important segment of the biological and landscape values of the region of Slavonia.

Since the very beginning of the Nature Park Papuk, many hikers were visiting this area in Eastern Croatia. Mountaineering societies were founded (the first one in 1895 in Jankovac was one of the oldest in Croatia), hiking tours were organized, and mountain huts and other facilities were built. Papuk became very soon a frequent destination of excursionists and mountaineers.

We recommend visiting Papuk's popular excursion spot the Forest Park Jankovac - the pearl of the Slavonian mountains. The plateau is situated on the northern slope of mountain Papuk, 475 m above sea level, 100 km west of Osijek, the capital of Slavonia. In 1955 Jankovac was declared a protected park–forest. There you will find the Mountain Lodge Jankovac, one of the most beautiful mountain lodges in Croatia. It is a favorite place in Slavonia for many hikers and bikers, but also families with children.

The highlight of the Nature Park Papuk is the beautiful waterfall Skakavac. With its height of almost 30 meters it is the highest waterfall in the Slavonia region.

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Key Facts about Geopark Papuk

The Nature Park Papuk has received since its foundation until today a full range of awards for its work and business successes. One of them is the Charter of the European Federation of Tourism Journalists for outstanding achievements in the field of tourism in 2007.

  • Member of European Geoparks Network (EGN) and the Global Geoparks Network (GGN) since 2007.
  • Highest peak: Papuk (954 m)
  • 30 well-marked hiking trails (total 200 km).
  • 6 marked cycling loop trails (total 105 km).
  • 7 well-equipped and thematically diverse educational trails.
  • Walking paths on Jankovac for people with disabilities.
  • Paragliding - take-off site Pliš near the city of Velika.
  • Geocaching outdoor recreational activity.
  • Family fun in Adrenaline park Duboka (4.000 m2).
  • Ružica fortress (14th century) - the largest fortification complex in Inland Croatia.
  • Geological Monument of Nature Rupnica.
  • Nature monument Dva hrasta (Two Oaks).
  • Special floristic reserve Pliš-Mališćak-Turjak-Lapjak.

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