Osijek - Capital City of Slavonia

Osijek - Capital City of Slavonia Photo: Tourist Board of Osijek City

On the banks of the Drava River, 25 km (16 mi) upstream of its confluence with the Danube, lies a pearl of the Eastern Croatia: beautiful city of Osijek, the economic and cultural centre of the lowland region Slavonia & Baranja. Osijek is also called "capital city of Slavonia".

The river city with an impressive Art Nouveau heritage has a well-earned reputation for being the most relaxing of Croatian cities.

Tvrdja is the most visited part of the city. The Baroque military complex of buildings built in the 18th century with impressive defensive walls and town gates, Romanic nucleus and rectangular main square. It was originally built to protect against the Ottomans, now it’s a centre of Osijek’s nightlife. Some of important buildings preserved in Tvrdja are: Holy Trinity Square (1729), fountain, old gymnasium, Museum of Slavonia, many beautiful aristocratic and citizen buildings. There is also the Church of St. Michael with valuable inventory and accessories.

Another highlight of Osijek is the Neo-Gothic Co-cathedral of St. Peter and Paul built in 1894 with the second highest tower in Croatia after the Zagreb Cathedral.

Franciscan monastery which was founded in 1699 was the place of the first faculty in Slavonia in 1735 (philosophy and theology studies). In the same year the first printing house in Slavonia was established here.

European Avenue located in the Lower Town is the most beautiful Art Nouveau street in Osijek. The beauty of this avenue makes a series of majestic and charming secessionist buildings.

Suspension Bridge (hanging foot bridge) and secessionist well - probably the most common motif on postcards of Osijek. Bridge of Youth was built in 1980 and today is popular among couples who fix their padlocks to the railings of the bridge. The great art nouveau well was a gift from Earls Pejačević to the city of Osijek in 1903.

Osijek hosts several interesting events: Fair Days of Wine and Tourism (May); music festival UFO - Urban fest Osijek (June); extreme sports contest "Pannonian Challenge“ (July); Osijek Craft Beer Festival (October). Every 1st Saturday in a month is the Antique Market.

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Recommended excursions:

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Interesting Facts about Osijek

Did you know that the city of Osijek was a candidate for the European Capital of Culture for 2020, because of its long history, rich in tradition, and its tangible and intangible heritage.

  • Co-cathedral of St. Peter and Paul - the second highest church in Croatia, central and southern Danube region
  • Shell museum and Water World with their incredible collection
  • Gingerbread hearts of Osijek on the UNESCO world list of Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • First tram in 1884, one of the first in Southeastern Europe
  • The city has 17 parks
  • The town of beer since 1697 and 1st brewery in Croatia
  • Hear the story of 'Dumpling Hour in Osijek'
  • Osijek's 'Copacabana' beach – No. 1 summer spot
  • Nature Park Kopački rit - ornithological significant area
  • 'Kompa' - small ferry across the Drava River to the Zoo
  • The Red Fico Monument – symbol of the Croatian War of Independence

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