Ljubljana Castle - symbol of the city

Ljubljana Castle - symbol of the city Photo: Lenarcic / www.slovenia.info

In the centre of Ljubljana you can take the funicular or simply walk up to the mighty medieval Ljubljana Castle - a mighty fortress built on the hill above the city.

The first mention of the castle has appeared in documents in 1144. As the owner of the castle was listed Ulrik of Ljubljana. In 1551 Ljubljana Castle suffered severe damage in the earthquake. During the reign of the emperor Joseph II the castle was transformed into a prison in 1785, while the Napoleonic soldier used it in the time of the Illyrian Provinces as a hospital and barracks. Mayor Ivan Hribar purchased the castle from the state authorities in 1905 and started using it for cultural purposes.

Today, in the castle are held numerous concerts, performances, open air cinema, exhibitions. At the end of 2006, the Municipality of Ljubljana connected the Ljubljana Castle with the old town centre with a modern and unobtrusively designed funicular railway.

The castle offers several guided tours and permanent exhibitions like 'Slovenian History' or interesting 'iLjubljana' - located on the glazed floor on the way to the Viewing Tower. It invites visitors to explore the city of Ljubljana over its 4,500 years of settlement. There is also possibility to ascend to the Viewing Tower, which offers a beautiful panorama view of Ljubljana.

We recommend to visit the Penitentiary and the St. George's Chapel, with its unique wall paintings of coats-of-arms - fragments from the Baroque period from the end of the 17th century.

A precious archaeological site on the Upper Funicular Station: the 310-million-year-old rocks with fossil plants on the Castle Hill which were first described in the 19th century.

Take your time and learn about the castle’s rich history, numerous stories and individuals that had a decisive influence on the development of this symbol of the Slovenian capital.

If you are interested in exploring Ljubljana Castle with a professional guide, please send us your inquiry to info@inlandia.com

Interesting Facts

Virtual Castle inside the Ljubljana Castle is a 12-minute projection showing the history of the medieval fortress, its architectural development, archaeological discoveries – all the way through to its present significance for the city.

  • 310-million-year-old rocks with fossils on the Castle Hill
  • Frederick’s Tower from 15th century
  • Unique baroque wall paintings from 17th century
  • Oldest preserved system for drawing water
  • Permanent Exhibition of Slovenian History
  • Virtual Castle & Museum of Puppetry
  • iLjubljana Exhibition - exploring the city over its 4,500 years
  • Guided tour through 6 historical periods
  • Audio guide in 12 languages
  • Guided tour for persons in invalid wheelchairs
  • Perfect venue for romantic weddings
  • Two restaurants and a coffee house inside
  • Funicular railway from old town centre to the castle

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