Otocec - Island Castle on Krka River

Otocec - Island Castle on Krka River Photo: D. Mladenovic / www.slovenia.info

The Otocec Castle is among the Slovenia’s castles something special, because it is the only water and island castle in Slovenia. It stands on its own island in the middle of the emerald green Krka River in Otocec, near City of Novo Mesto, in south-east Slovenia. The islet is linked to both banks of the river by wooden bridges. Its name appeared way back in 1252, when the knights of Otocec lived in it.

Throughout history, it has replaced many owners. The last owner was from the family Marghera de Commadona until the end of the World War II. During the war it was burnt down and demolished by partisans. Shortly afterwards it was nationalized and gradually restored.

Today, the Otocec Castle houses a world-class restaurant and a luxury boutique hotel, a member of the Relais & Châteaux chain. Whole estate is surrounded by a 200-year old park filled with indigenous and exotic tree species. Just a kilometre away from the castle, there is a state-of-the-art golf course (75 hectares), designed by the renowned British architect Howard Swan. It has 18 holes and is suitable for both professional and amateur golfers. There are also a health resort and an adventure park nearby.

Everyone should try staying for at least a day or two once in a lifetime in this romantic place like in a fairy tale.

If you are interested in staying in Otocec Castle, please send us your inquiry to info@inlandia.com

Interesting Facts

The medieval Otocec Castle with its glamorous natural scenery is particularly attractive for romantic weddings. For them who are history lovers, there can be organized a special medieval wedding ceremony with fanfares, knights, alfresco or in the Knight’s Room. Such as was in times past.

  • Unique river castle in Slovenia
  • Gothic and Renaissance building from 13th century
  • Own island on the Krka River
  • Surrounded by a 200-year old park
  • Luxury boutique hotel
  • Member of the Relais & Châteaux chain
  • 16 rooms and suites inside the castle walls
  • The times past coupled with a modern comfort
  • World-class restaurant
  • Outdoor activities: biking, fishing, tennis, golf
  • Otočec Adventure Park (550m away)
  • Health Resort Smajerske Toplice (5 km)

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