World-famous Postojna Cave

World-famous Postojna Cave Photo: MariaK /

This spectacular must-see, the Postojna Cave, is a 24.120 m long karst cave system in southwestern Slovenia. With its 24 km of passages, galleries and chambers, it is the largest cave in the “classic karst” and the longest publicly accessible depth of any cave system in the world. The caves were created by the Pivka River.

The Concert Hall, known for its exceptional acoustics, has sufficient space for 10,000 people. Symphony orchestras, octets, and a variety of soloists perform here. On top of this hall there are also Big Mountain Hall, Tube Hall and Russian Bridge. With its magnificent caverns and glistening stalactite and stalagmites formations, the Postojna Cave is the most visited tourist cave in Europe. Millions of visitors can admire the size and splendour of the underground world, where the geological past is recorded in a unique manner.

Some indigenous species have found its home in Postojna, such as the olm (Proteus anguinus), which can be seen in cave aquariums along the way in the Concert Hall.

After enter the cave, a special train will take you deep into this gorgeous underground world. The guided tour continues by walking and listening when and how the cave was created. Along this 1.5 km long walking trail you can see unusual sculptural rock formations, magical stalactites and stalagmites, underground halls … The tour ends after about a one and half hour by getting on the train and returning to the surface.

This magnificent and mysterious underground world is really worth a visit. An experience you will remember for years.

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Key Facts about Postojna

The cave is home to the endemic olm (Proteus anguinus), called also human fish, which lives up to 100 years. It can live without food for up to ten years. This largest trogloditic amphibian in the world is fully adjusted to living in the darkness.

  • Most visited tourist cave in Europe
  • Length: 24 km; accessible for the public 5 km
  • Second-longest cave system in Slovenia
  • First described in the 17th century
  • Electric lighting added in 1884, preceding even Ljubljana
  • In 1872 first cave train for tourists was introduced
  • Opened to the public for 200 years
  • Over 36 million visitors from all over the world
  • Symbol of Postojna Cave - stalagmite named Brilliant
  • Constant temperature in the caves 8° - 10° C
  • Guided tour: 3.5 km by train, 1.5 km by foot
  • Duration of the tour: 1h30min
  • Accessible to wheelchair users

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