Mystery of Predjama Cave

Mystery of Predjama Cave Photo: B. Bajzelj /

The Renaissance Predjama Castle is one of major tourist attractions in Slovenia and perhaps the most famous cave castle in the world. It is located only 9 km from the Postojna Cave. The castle was built in 13th century in a 123-meter-high limestone cliff, in the entrance of the Predjama Cave, just above the settlement. This extraordinary fortress made the cave well known.

The Predjama Cave is located behind the castle and it is actually called Erazmova Jama (cave), after the famous and notorious knight Erazem of Predjama who lived in the castle during a siege in the 15th century offering him a refuge. Mysterious underground tunnels connect the castle with the cave directly beneath.

The Lokve stream has formed the Predjama Cave. There are four levels. The deepest level is water filled, where the stream flowing through. The visitors can explore the first and second level namely Erazem's Gap and Fizenca, as well as Stable, and Names Passage, where you will see signatures of visitors dating back to the 15th century inscribed into the main entrance. On this second level of the cave was the Predjama Castle built. More experienced cavers can explore the western passage, which has narrow areas.

A vertical natural shaft which leads out of the original castle, was used in the middle ages as a secret entrance for escape in case of a siege of the castle. It enabled to secretly supply the castle with food. The exit was located at the top of the cliff, 25 meters away from the cliff's edge. Today it is filled with rocks.

A castle in a cave is not something you see often! Add the Predjama Cave and its great castle to your must see list.

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Facts about Predjama Cave

The Predjama Castle is listed among the Guinness World Records as the largest cave castle in the world. In August each year in front of the castle is organized the Erazem’s Knight Tournament, in which knights from all over the world show their fighting abilities and the historic way of life.

  • Entrance perched high up in the 123-metre high cliff
  • Length: 14 km, accessible for the public 700 m
  • Approximately 250 steps
  • Location: 9 km from the Postojna Cave
  • Combination ticket for visiting both caves and the castle
  • Duration of the tour: 2h for both caves and 1h for the castle
  • Free shuttle bus Postojna Cave – Predjama Castle in July and August
  • Audio guides in 17 deifferent languages
  • Excellent exhibits inside the castle
  • The cave is inhabited by a colony of bats

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