Mountain Lodge Jankovac

Mountain lodge nestled in a Slavonian hot spot

In the heart of the Nature Park Papuk there is a Mountain Lodge Jankovac, 475 m above sea-level, one of the most beautiful mountain lodges in Croatia. A favourite place in Slavonia for many hikers and bikers, but also for families with children because it is an ideal place for relaxation and leisure as well as for recreation any time of year.

It is situated in the midst of a big meadow, surrounded by lakes, waterfalls and a hundred-year-old beech forest. The beautiful waterfall Skakavac (the highest in the Slavonia region) is a unique tourist attraction because of its height of 28 metres. It falls down over a rock into the canyon of the stream Kovačica.

Popular excursion point Jankovac is the pearl of the Slavonian mountains. The plateau is situated on the northern slope of mountain Papuk, on 475 m above sea level, 100 km west of Osijek. The nearest village is Slatinski Drenovac, from where a road leads to Jankovac, which in 1955 was declared a protected park–forest.  

Be a guest at a beautifully located 3* Mountain Lodge Jankovac which offers a very special holiday experience and where you will be served fine continental & mountain cuisine. The restaurant has a wonderful covered terrace overlooking the lakes and the stream Kovačica with the lovely gazebo. After lunch you can relax by walking along two small artificial lakes and watching numerous trouts in a clean water.

Mountain Lodge Jankovac - a hideaway in an unspoiled natural setting, for time off in any season.

Location, nature park, attractions, events …

  • Location in the heart of UNESCO Global Geopark Papuk with numerous educational, bycicle and mountaineering paths, several lookouts, an equestrian trail, natural, cultural and historical attractions.
  • Waterfall Skakavac with its 28 metres - the highest waterfall in Slavonia. Location: next to the Mountain Lodge Jankovac.
  • Mountain spring and a rock formation with a cave above it. In this cave the nobleman Ivan Jankovic built a tomb for himself (his body is interred in a sarcophagus within the cave). He was the owner of Jankovac and the first one who started to make Jankovac in the well-kept forest park and excursion-mountain resort for its inhabitants and nature lovers.
  • Every summer in July there is a traditional annual gathering of Slavonian hikers to celebrate the long tradition of mountaineering in Slavonia.
  • In the late summer, every year in September, in the protected park-forest Jankovac takes place the Medieval Knights' Tournament. It is worth a mention, especially since it has become internationally renowned.
  • Ružica fortress (town fortification) near the city of Orahovica is the largest fortification complex in the continental part of Croatia and best preserved medieval fortresses in Slavonia region. It was built from 14th to 16th century when it was conquered by Turks. Many rich archaeological findings confirm the high standard of living inside the fortress.
  • Unique Geological Monument of Nature „Rupnica“ - it is a very rare morphological feature of volcanic rock and therefore it was proclaimed as a protected part of the nature in 1948. It is also the first proclaimed geological monument of nature in Croatia.
  • Lookouts Nevoljaš and Mališćak, 740 metres above sea level.
  • Walking paths on Jankovac for people with disabilities. Guided educational tours can be arranged by


  • overnight in rooms / self catering apartment
  • breakfast, half board and full board

Accommodation units - 6x double rooms; 3x triple rooms; 3x multi-bed rooms and 1x chalet:

  • 2x double rooms with own bathroom, 16m2
  • 4x double rooms without own bathroom (shower/WC in corridor next to the rooms), double beds, 12m2
  • 3x triple rooms with own bathroom, double bed + single bed, 20m2
  • 1x six-bedded room with own bathroom, double bed + 4 single beds, 25m2
  • 1x ten-bedded room without own bathroom, 35m2
  • 1x fourteen-bedded room without own bathroom, all single beds, up in the attic, 50m2
  • 1x apartment in a separate cottage for 4 persons; type chalet K2+2, 60 m2 , living room, equipped kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Possibility of preparing food in the apartment.
    • All rooms are non-smoking rooms.
    • Standard equipment: bathroom with shower and toilet, Wi-Fi Internet, central heating.
    • TV is available in a sitting room.
    • Free WiFi  internet access is available in the entire estate.

Other facilities

  • in-house á la carte restaurant (it offers great variety of game dishes and fresh trout from the region)
  • children’s playground
  • conference room
  • gazebo next to the small stream Kovačica
  • souvenir shop


Price information & additional costs:

Chalet  (self catering)

41,00 € per day


Double room with own bathroom &  Triple room

Double rooms without own bathroom & Multi-bed rooms



20,00 €

18,00 €


Overnight 3-6 years

20,00 €

8,00 €


Overnight 6-12 years

20,00 €

11,00 €


Bed & Breakfast 

23,00 €

20,00 €


Bed & Breakfast  3-6 years

23,00 €

11,00 €


Bed & Breakfast 6-12 years

23,00 €

14,00 €


Half board

28,00 €

26,00 €


Half board 3-6 years

28,00 €

11,00 €


Half board 6-12 years

28,00 €

19,00 €


Full board

35,00 €

33,00 €


Full board 3-6 years

35,00 €

16,00 €


Full board 6-12 years

35,00 €

25,00 €

  • Room prices are per person / day.
  • Min. stay 1 night.
  • Included in room price: VAT, bed linen, towels and final cleaning.
  • Mandatory extra costs (payment on spot): tourist tax adults 6,00 kuna per person / night; children (12-18) 3,00 kn per person / night.

Additional costs:  single room 14,00 € per day.

Payment on the spot is only possible in cash.

Nature Park Papuk - UNESCO Global Geopark

Geocaching - an outdoor recreational activity and a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) devices or smartphones. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called "geocaches" or "caches" outdoors and then share your experiences online.  Individuals who practice this activity place a cache in an outdoor location and post the cache's latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates on the Internet. Other geocachers then use their GPS devices to download the coordinates and cache descriptions from the Internet in order to find the caches. Once the participant has found the cache, they may log their findings on the Internet.

Hiking – there are 7 educational trails (e.g. „Count's Trail“, „Turjak“, „Lapjak“, „Rupnica“, etc.) and 6 hiking trails from 3 km till 9 km length. For everyone something. There are a total of 200 kilometres of well-groomed and marked hiking trails.

Mountain biking - a bicycle ride through numerous forest paths which pass through the most beautiful parts of Papuk is a perfect way of recreation and getting to know the beauties of Papuk.
Up to now, 7 cycling roads have been made, reaching 105 kilometers in length.

Paragliding - paraglide runaway „Pliš“ is arranged on the southern slopes of Papuk mountain. It is the first registered runaway site in this part of Croatia, and is located near the city of Velika.
A fantastic way to experience Papuk massif from the air.

Sport climbing - Sports climbing routes are located on the South-west part of the rock. The first first one in Slavonia has been made on the location of Sokolina, near the city of Velika. On the rock, among heights up to 12 meters, ten routes have been placed. The rock is built of very solid quartzite. The full height of the rock is over 50 meters and is divided into several ledges.

Horseback riding – there are two horse ranches in the area and 33 km horse trails.

Visiting the Maksim's cave - the underground world of the Papuk Geopark is very rich and fragile to human impact. The only speleological object open for the public is the Maksim's cave, as part of the educational "Counts Trail" on Jankovac. The entrance to other caves and abysses is granted only with special permission by the administration in terms of scientific research.

Swimming in the Lake Orah (near Ružica fortress) - an artificial lake located at the foot of the mountain Papuk. Around the lake there is deciduous forest and promenade. Very popular summer destination for swimming and sunbathing.

Any of the recommended trips can be booked through Just give us a call or drop us an e-mail at . Our local experts will design for you a tailor-made itinerary.


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