Mreznica River Kayaking Trip

Exciting Kayaking Adventure in Gorski Kotar

Mreznica River and its 93 waterfalls

KAYAKING | Half Day | 40€ | Amazing Mreznica River with its 93 waterfalls! A Croatian jewel among nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Located in Inland Croatia, near the town of Slunj, the Mreznica River is ideal for swimming, kayaking or rafting trips.

On its 64-kilometre course, the Mrežnica River forms 93 travertine waterfalls, out of which 14 are in its upper section, where our kayaking adventure takes place.

The most exciting part is the Mreznica Canyon with its vertical cliffs and 8-meter-high Milković waterfall, a natural beauty which takes your breath away.

The Mrežnica River is ideal for kayaking because it alternates dynamic parts with those quieter parts of the river, thus maintaining the level of adrenaline at the same pace. On numerous rapids and waterfalls, you will be able to practice your rowing skills and use the quieter parts for rest and swimming.

Our licensed and experienced rafting guides kayak-skippers have an excellent knowledge of techniques and tactics for riding wild waters. They are ready to guide complete beginners as well as those more experienced. This trip doesn't require a previous kayaking experience.

Kayaking route: upper canyon between Primišlje and Tržič Tounjski.

Also suitable for children from 6 years of age, accompanied by parents, who can swim well and love water activities.

If you are more interested in a rafting day trip, we can recommend our: Mreznica River Rafting Trip


Starting point in Primišlje Village

9:30 AM - Starting point in Primišlje Village

The meeting point is in the village of Primislje in the rafting center at 9:30 AM. Our kayaking-skippers will provide you with all the needed instructions and equipment for this Mreznica kayaking tour. At 10:00 AM we will drive to the starting point in the upper canyon of the Mreznica River where you can expect vertical cliffs, many small cascades, and rapids, several waterfalls up to 8 meters. This part of the Mrežnica River offers some of the most exciting river kayaking in Croatia. *NOTE: In case of high water levels we will descend the Mreznica in rafts.

Kayaking Route

10:30 AM - Kayaking Route

The kayaking route on the Mreznica River follows the upper canyon between Primišlje and Tržič Tounjski. It takes approx. 3 hours (plus time for swimming and picnic). On the tour you will row for more than 5 km to cross 26 barriers and rapids, which is covering one third of the 93 barriers on the Mreznica River. The water is crystal clear, clean and green. After a wide and spacious shallow stream you will come to the magnificent Roncevic waterfall. Immediately after Roncevic waterfall, under the steep cliffs that formed a short gorge, you will come to the fascinating Milkovic Waterfall (8 m). It is is the second-largest waterfall on Mreznica, flowing all the way to Smoljanovic waterfall, i.e. the bridge in Tounjski Tržić.

End of the Mreznica Kayaking Trip

2:00 PM - End of the Mreznica Kayaking Trip

After our adventure on the Mrežnica River, we will return to our base to change into warm clothes. There is a possibility to have a picnic lunch or going to the restaurant (both on your own). This half-day kayaking & canyoning trip on the Mrežnica River is for sure an amazing experience which you would want to do it again!

Departure days 2022: every day, on request

Price: 40 € per person

  • The excursion price is based on a minimum of four (4) participants.
  • Individual guests can join an existing group.
  • Definite departure will be confirmed to participants by e-mail.
  • Participants interested in a private trip may contact for an individual offer.
  • If the group has less than 4 people, and the client wants the trip to be held anyway, the price of the trip increases by 20% per person.


  • Experienced kayaking-skippers certified by International Rafting Federation.
  • Hypalon kayaks RobFin – a model for two adults and one child. Kayaks are environment-friendly, easy and safe to navigate.
  • Waterproof containers for personal items (camera, etc.), life jacket, helmet, paddle, long neoprene suit and rain jacket in case of cold weather.
  • Insurance against accidents and costs for the organization and realization of travel.

NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE  /  Additional costs:

  • Return transfer to the village of Primislje (upon request).
  • Meals and drinks.
  • Travel insurance (additional health insurance, insurance against accidents, damage or loss of luggage and travel cancellation insurance). For more information read „Inlandia Terms & Conditions“, or contact us at   
  • All other expenses not covered by the programme.

You need to bring:

T-shirt (long-sleeved shirt in case of cold weather), shorts or a bathing suit, sneakers or sandals suitable for water, towel, spare clothes sunscreen, waterproof camera, drinking water, own picnic lunch.

*NOTE: In the unlikely case of extreme weather conditions will re-schedule the activity for a day or two prior or after the date booked, if possible. If the change is not possible, the payments will be refunded in full.

  • Kayaking down rapids and waterfalls of the amazing Mrežnica River Canyon.
  • Exciting 8-meter-high Milković waterfall.
  • Clear emerald water and magical landscapes.
  • Swimming under waterfalls, jumping off high cliffs, walking over small river islands.
  1. The Mrežnica River in Inland Croatia is popular among nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts because of its 93 waterfalls! This crystal clear river in Central Croatia, with rich flora and fauna, is ideal for swimming, kayaking or rafting through its great canyon with vertical cliffs, natural whirlpools, waterfalls, and short walkings over to small river islands. It offers also several stops for jumping from high cliffs. Due to the effects of various springs, the river is cold and has an emerald-like color.
  2. The most exciting in the Mreznica Canyon is the 8-meter-high Milković waterfall. It simply takes your breath away. This is the second-highest waterfall on the Mrežnica and the only waterfall that cannot be crossed with a boat, but it requires a short walk around it.

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