Djakovo Embroidery Festival

Djakovo Embroidery Festival Photo: Tourist Board of Osijek-Baranja County

An original ethnic folklore event of the Slavonia region

Djakovo, July 7 –  July 9, 2023 | 8:30 - 23:00

Place: The Strossmayer Park

57th Djakovo Embroidery Festival (Croatian: 'Đakovački vezovi') iswell known and established event of the original ethnicfolklore held every year in Djakovo, a small city in the Slavonia region in Eastern Croatia.

The event has an international character as it gathers original folk groups from all over the world. It primarily cultivates and maintains the tradition and authenticity of this region and other parts of Croatia: national costumes, folk dance, traditional combing, horse breeding and local gastronomy.

The accompanying events are various exhibitions, equestrian shows with Lipizzaner horses, traditional wedding carriages and other cultural and tourist events.

Equestrian sports lovers will find satisfaction at the hippodrome, where international equestrian competition is held every year.

In addition to the participants in folklore and dance, there are presentations from producers of famous Slavonian specialities like kulen, shepherd's pie/čobanac, fish stew/fish paprikash) and winemakers. Fine artists and musicians will try their hand at folk church singing in the St. Peter Cathedral.

The programme of the final three days of the event Djakovo Embroidery Festival:

7.7.2023. (Friday)

21:00 The opening ceremony of the 57th Đakovački vezovi - Strossmayer Square in front of St. Peter Cathedral
23:00 Music program

8.7.2023. (Saturday)

18:30 International folklore pageant - Stage in Strossmayer Park
22:00 Music program

9.7.2023. (Sunday)

8:30 Procession through the streets of Djakovo – from Mali Park (Small Park) to Strossmayer Park (folklore associations, traditional wedding carriages, equestrians).

10:30 International folklore pageant, Croatian folklore pageant, Slavonia and Baranja folklore pageant - Stage in the Strossmayer Park.

20:00 The closing ceremony 'Slavonijo, zemljo plemenita' (The generous land of Slavonia), during which the organizers award the best presentation of the traditional costume.

23:00 Music program  

The entire city is involved in this event. The awareness of the cultural and artistic significance of the Djakovo Embroidery Festival is rooted in all inhabitants of this region, and they are very proud of their original Slavonian folklore event.

Facts about the festival

The Djakovo Embroidery Festival is awarded for Merit in Tourism in 2005 with International Tourist Certificate of FEST - European Federation of Travel Journalists based in Rome.

  • Exhibitions, music programs and performances.
  • Held since 1967.
  • One of the significant traditional events in Croatia.
  • Focus on the original folklore of Slavonia, Baranja and western Syrmia.
  • In 2013 awarded as best cultural event in Croatia.
  • Many other awards during long tradition.
  • About 70 Croatian and international folklore groups.
  • Tens of thousands of participants.
  • Legacy for younger generations - Children's Folklore Festival.
  • Selection of the most beautiful national costume.
  • Gastrofest "Djakovo Embroidery" in Vezovski tent.
  • Parade with all participants along streets of Djakovo.

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