Wild Flower Festival Bohinj

Wild Flower Festival Bohinj Photo: Pixabay / licence-free

The blooming landscape of Bohinj Valley

Bohinj, May 27 – June 12, 2022

Places: Julian Alps – Triglav National Park - Bohinjska Bistrica, Stara Fužina, Ribčev Laz, Studor

Bohinj is one of the hidden gems of Slovenia and the place where the flowers have their festival –  the International Wild Flower Festival, as a form of 'slow tourism'.

The pristine natural beauty of the mountains around the Bohinj Valley hides some rare alpine flowers which grow only in the Slovenian Alps.

The festival is much more than increasing knowledge and revealing the secret habitats of rare wildflowers. It has become attractive for  an extensive group of visitors interested in flowers, active and adventurous vacation, relaxation and guiding botanical excursions in nature. A bouquet of colourful events presents the alpine flowers in all kinds of environments in Bohinj along the waters, meadows and mountains. 

Festival events have taken place in a wide variety of locations in Bohinj, which covers 24 villages and thus 300 km2.

There are more interesting guided botanical trips and workshops during the Wild Flower Festival in Bohinj Valley.

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Festival Facts & Events 2022

Iris cengialti f. vochinensis ("Iris of Bohinj") is the symbol of the International Wild Flower Festival Bohinj. It is one of the most beautiful flowers in Bohinj Valley. In the Ancient Egipt, it was considered as a flower of kings. The Slavic nations connect this flower with the god of the sky and light "Perun" or his wife "Perunika" (Slovenian name for iris). In the Middle Ages, the iris was considered a symbol of knighthood – its distinctive three petals symbolise faith, wisdom and nobleness. In Japan, the iris symbolises martial virtues and heroism as well.

  • Opening Celebration, May 27
  • Floral Cuisine workshop
  • Goričca botanical excursion
  • Guided botanical tour to Vogar
  • Making of bouquets from meadow plants
  • Guided botanical excursion at the North side of Lake Bohinj
  • Embroidery with flower motives
  • Guided botanical day trip to Rudnica
  • Photography workshop for children and adults
  • Culinary evenings
  • Guided botanical day trip to Voje Valley

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