Stolac - open-air museum

Stolac - open-air museum Photo: Public Institution Radimlja Stolac

Stolac is situated on the banks of the Bregava River in southeastern Bosnia & Herzegovina, at the foot of the Dubrava Plateau known for plantations of peaches, apricots and cherries, and Dubrave vineyards from which comes famous wine Žilavka, the autochthonous Herzegovinian grape variety.

Thanks to its favourable natural conditions, such as climate, vegetation and rich hunting-grounds, Stolac and its surroundings have been settled since 13,000 years BCE. The most important find from this period is the Palaeolithic habitat in the cave Badanj. After prehistoric man, Stolac's natural benefits attracted also the Illyrians, Romans and Slavs, who all left behind a wealth of evidence of their material culture.

Within a few kilometres are two sets of stećci (Bosnian medieval tombstones / the cemeteries, which date from the 12th to 16th centuries CE), with very beautiful inscriptions, listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites since July 2016:

  1. The Necropolis of Stećak Tombstones of Radimlja, located in Vidovo polje, 3 km west of Stolac, on the Čapljina-Stolac road. It stands out for its richness, diversity and high quality of workmanship relief motifs.
  2. The Necropolis of Stećak Tombstones of Boljuni, located in Boljuni 12 km southwest of Stolac. It stands out for its number of inscriptions, most of all necropolis in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One of the prouds of Stolac is the Bregava River, 31-km-long tributary of Neretva River, which flows through the city, spilling over many waterfalls and rapids. Stone buildings, medieval bridges and mills on the river constitute a natural and architectural ensemble that was declared a national monument of culture. The river attracts many kayakers, fishers and bathers.

Also, gourmets have a reason to spend a time in Stolac. Some wellknown home-made products are wines and grapes, dried sheep meat and cheese "smrdo", jams and juices of peaches and apricots and liqueurs of cherry, heather honey and other products of herbs.

Despite its unusual history and inclusion into four empires (Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and Austro-Hungarian), three kingdoms (Bosnian, Hungarian and Yugoslav), three world's monotheistic religions - Christianity (Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism), Islam, and Judaism, the historical core of Stolac is still a harmonious cultural-historical monument. There are currently more than 35 buildings or sites on the list of national monuments.

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Interesting Facts about Stolac

Stolac is a place with the longest and most elaborate history of city life in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is long over 3,500 years, how old is the fortified Illyrian town Daorson, Illyrian megalithic center in the village Ošanjići above Stolac (IV-III century BC), whose walls were preserved to today. It has always had a special significance, as a military fortress on the road from Dubrovnik to Mostar.

  • Archaeological (Palaeolithic) site of Cave Badanj, 1.300 to 12.000 BCE
  • Archaeological site of Hellenistic Town of Daorson, 1st century BCE
  • Medieval Old Fort Križevac – one of the largest in BiH
  • Orthodox church of SS. Peter und Paul, built in 1505
  • Čaršija mosque, built in 1519
  • Mosque of Ismail-kapetan Šarić (Uzunovićka Mosque), built in 1741
  • The Ada residential complex - most important architectural ensemble from 17th – 19th century
  • Grave of the rabbi Moše Danon (19th century), importance for the spiritual and material culture of the Jewish people in BiH
  • Bregava River course with mills, river islands and 7 bridges
  • The biggest waterfall ‘Provalija’
  • Inat ćuprija ("spite bridge") from 17th century
  • Mak House (Makova Hiža) - cultural centre of the great Bosnian-Herzegovinian poet Mak Dizdar

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