Amazing Cetina River Rafting Trip

Amazing Cetina River Rafting Trip

Best Family Rafting Trip in Croatia

Cetina River springs at an altitude of 385m in the north-western slopes of Dinara mountain range near the village of Cetina, 7 km north of Vrlika, in the very heart of Central Dalmatia. It flows into the Adriatic Sea in the small seaside town of Omis, 20 km south of Split.

The 12km long white water rafting trip takes you along the lower course of the Cetina River, starting from the village of Pensici, near Pavic-bridge, passing through the canyon with impressive cliffs, numerous waterfalls and rapids with a difficulty level II-III. The 3 – 4 hour long route ends at the excursion site of Radmanove Mlinice (the Family Radman Mills) where you can have a lunch.

The first part of the Cetina Rafting Trip is easy and it basically takes lots of paddling. No previous rafting experience is needed. Even children aged 7 years and older, accompanied by parents, can participate. Clean air, crystal clear water full of fish and the Mediterranean climate guarantee pure wellbeing. There are several stops during the rafting trip, where you can swim and relax.

The second part of the Cetina Rafting Trip is technically quite demanding. The skippers call this part "labyrinth". Here is a dangerous rapid called Oblacnik, a natural barrier that needs to be crossed by foot. The next few kilometers is the best, the fastest and most interesting part of the rafting adventure. Many rapids, the waterfall „Studenci“ (to enter below it is a real adventure), the most demanding rapid called “Javornica”. You’ll also pass through „Tisne Stine“, a 10 m wide canyon between two 50 m high cliffs.

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Key Facts about Cetina River

Along the Cetina River is about 10 ancient and medieval fortresses (forts, historic cities). The impressive canyon of Cetina was one of the location where the western movie "Winnetou" (1963) with famous Pierre Brice was filmed.

  • Prices: 39 € per person
  • Children (up to 12): 19 €
  • Inclusive certified guide & equipment & insurance
  • Secure parking for personal cars at the meeting point
  • Routes: II – III difficulty level
  • Length: 12 km
  • Duration: 3 - 4 hours
  • Number of persons: 4 - 10 per boot
  • Age: 7+
  • Departures: May – October, every day
  • Starting & Ending point: Omis (20 km from Split)

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