Pekel Cave known as Hell Cave

Pekel Cave known as Hell Cave Photo: Andrej Grilj / Tourist Association Sempeter

The Pekel Cave in Slovenia is also known as the Hell Cave. It acquired its name from the interesting rock entrance that looks like the devil's head. Also, in the winter when the temperature in the cave is higher than outside, vapours can be seen coming out of the cave. Therefore the locals called it the 'Hell Cave' and were afraid of it many centuries.

The cave lies in the middle of the Ponikva karst area, which is a landscape park, about 4 km north of Sempeter v Savinjski dolini and only 15 km from Celje City. The cars are not allowed in the park, there is a bus line after which you have to walk a few minutes. There's also a nice outdoor path all around the cave.

The Pekel Cave was created by the Ponikvica stream that disappears in front of the cave and reappears in the cave as the Peklenscica stream.

Discovering the cave with a guide is an unique experience. The cave is 1.159 m long and has two levels: the water part and the dry part. The lower part is full of waters of Pekelnscica stream which forms many rapids and small pools and lead us to the greatest natural monument in the cave, the 4-meter high waterfall, the highest underground waterfall in Slovenia that can be seen from the immediate vicinity.

In the water cave many stalactites, stalagmites and columns can be seen, as well as calcite crystals that glitter wonderfully in the light. The upper part of the Pekel Cave is dry and full of stalactites and stalagmites and interesting cave structures. With the guide’s help you will see frogs, devils, Bled island, and more interesting formations and the dripstones which glitter in the various shades of red and brown. There is also a unique natural bridge arching over the path to the upper cave.


Adults – single ticket: 10 € 
Children (4-15 years) – single ticket: 6 € 

The entrance fee includes the guided tour of the Pekel Cave, provided by qualified local guides. The tour can be carried out in English or German languages. The temperature in the cave is cca. 10 degrees Celsius.

Recommended accommodation nearby (20 km): Apartments and Wellness Korosec

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Interesting Facts

The Pekel Cave is a karst cave with a long history. It is more than 3 million years old and the only cave in Slovenia in which human bones from the Palaeolithic were found.

  • The word Pekel means Hell in Slovenian
  • Rock above the entrance shaped like a devil
  • Length of the cave: 1.159 meter
  • Two levels: the water part and the dry part
  • Suitable for visitors from 1860
  • Natural monument: 4-meter high waterfall
  • Upper part with numerous karst structures
  • Cave temperature: 10° C
  • Duration of the tour: 1 hour
  • Highlights: passing a 4m-high waterfall; the Silent Hall with great acoustics; the Hall of Fantasy
  • When to go: spring, summer, autumn
  • Sights in surroundings: Roman Necropolis, Celje Old City, Mozirski Gaj gardens

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