Mostar on the Neretva River

Mostar on the Neretva River Photo: M. Obrenovic / Inlandia

Mostar is a small medieval town in central Herzegovina, located on the banks of the Neretva River. It was always the cultural and economic center of Herzegovina region.

Mostar’s Old Town is charming and pristine. The Ottoman-style Old Bridge (Stari Most) from 16th century is the most notable architectural landmark of Mostar. Stretching 28 metres across the Neretva River, it connected the two sides of the city for 427 years, until it was destroyed in 1993 during the Bosnian War. Thanks to post-war restoration efforts, the bridge was reconstructed in 2004. Today, the Stari Most is Mostar’s (and probably Bosnia and Herzegovina’s) most famous sight.

But, there is so much more to discover and experience in Mostar than the Old Bridge: religious buildings, traditional Turkish-style houses, the Herzegovina Museum. The Partisan Cemetery built in 1965, located in the western part of Mostar, is one of the most beautiful architectural designs in this part of Europe.

For great views of Mostar and area we recommend to climb the minaret of Koski-Mehmed Pasha's Mosque (you’ll be asked to cover up, they supply shawls near the entrance). Another lookout is offered in the Franciscan church of Saint Peter and Paul with its Mostar’s bell tower of Peace - a lookout tower at 107 m. It has a lift.

Activities in the surroundings:

  • hiking through the nearby forested mountains,
  • swimming under waterfalls in natural landscape of Kravice waterfalls (43 km from Moatar),
  • walking through medieval town Pocitelj (30 km from Mostar),
  • having lunch next to the Dervish Monastery on the source of Buna River in Blagaj (12 km from Mostar),
  • enjoying in down street art, …

Mostar represents a timeless piece of Europe’s multicultural past. An imprint of some of the most influential empires in the history.

Recommended accommodation: Villa Anri

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Interesting Facts about Mostar

Diving off the Old Bridge into the cold Neretva River started back in 1664 and became a tradition for the young men of Mostar. In 1968 the city held a formal diving competition, which still continues today. The competition is organized every year in summer. The dive is very risky. Not for everyone.

  • Old Bridge (Stari Most) & Old City – UNESCO world cultural heritage site
  • Next to Athens, the city with most sunny days in a year
  • Annual street art festival
  • Diving off the Old Bridge - fall of 24 metres (78 feet)
  • Old Bazar Kujundziluk with various small shops
  • Crooked Bridge (Kriva cuprija) – lovely miniature version of the Old Bridge
  • Karagöz Bey Mosque - impressive Islamic building, built 1557
  • Koski-Mehmed Pasha's Mosque built in 1618
  • Turkish House (Biscevic House), built in 1635
  • Blagaj and Dervish Tekija (13 km) on the cliffs above the spring of the Buna River
  • Medieval castle Stjepan-grad, built on the foundations of the antique fortress

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