Boat Tour Through Krizna Cave

Boat Tour Through Krizna Cave Photo: Csaba Egri / Association of Krizna Cave

The specifics of this world-renowned water karst cave are 45 small underground lakes, which are a slow mowing river in fact. The cave system is a 8,273 meter long, located under the area of Bloke, Loskim and Cerknica field in the Karst Region of Slovenia. It is named after a nearby church of St. Cross (Sv. Kriza).

After a few hundred meters into the cave there is no natural lighting, so visitors explore with the help of given flashlights. The main tunnel leads through Great Hall towards a speleothem Cimboras where visitors can see an interesting display of remains of cave bear which leaved in the cave up to 27,000 years ago. The number and the size amazes visitors. You have also a chance to hold bear's bones which were found at the cave and left for the visitors to experience this piece of long history close up.

The tour continues through a tunnel, which drains the water from the first lake. That is followed by a 10-minute ride through the first lake. The same path is followed to the exit.

At the most beautiful spot inside, the Calvary, the cave splits into two tunnels – Blatni rov (Muddy passage) to the north and Pisani rov (Colorful passage) to the north-east. Passage through Blatni rov is harder due to slippery mud, so cavers usually choose to continue their path through Pisani rov, which leads to Crystal Mountain (Kristalna gora), which is the largest place in the cave. The water from Krizna cave continues to flow it’s way through a deep siphon, which leads to the New Krizna cave which is not open for the public.

If you are looking for somewhere you have not been, Krizna Cave is a right choice. A fabulous place with something special – a boat ride through the underground karst world along the remains of cave bear!

Shortest tour: 1h with a ride through first lake (ca. 600m).

Longer tour: 3,5h – 4h to Calvary, crossing 13 lakes (prior booking required).

Longest tour: 7h to the Crystal Mountain, crossing 20 lakes (possible only in winter).

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Key Facts about Krizna Cave

There are 22 lakes in the cave, which can be crossed by boat. Shorter 1-hour tour: crossing one (the first) lake. Longer 3,5-4-hour tour: crossing 13 lakes. The longest possible tour takes you over 20 lakes. During the tour the cave guide takes care of moving the boat over sinter barriers.

  • One of the few tourist caves without concrete paths and strong lighting
  • Only naturally preserved tourist cave in Slovenia
  • 45 underground lakes
  • 45 underground animal species discovered
  • 4th cave in the world by it’s diversity
  • Great efforts of association to keep the cave in its natural state
  • First entry to the cave documented in 1832
  • Calvary - most beautiful spot in the cave
  • Crystal Mountain - largest place in the cave
  • Interesting display of remains of cave bear

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